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  1. 26082

    I'm Back

    Haha ok we still can meet
  2. 26082

    I'm Back

    Hehe we can meet if we haven't so far.. I'm very happy to be back to this forum yet again.. Seems like yesterday when I was the usual here.. And the welcome back I got from my old friends is just as I expected it ))
  3. 26082

    I'm Back

    Hey everyone.. I'm back.. I used to be Mayhem but now I'm 26082.. Rofl at my picture, eh? xD
  4. 26082

    99 Runecrafting

    took me like 1 week from 73 to 80 playing 10 hours a day ( was hard lol ) , but after that it gets alot longer... good god hahaha i still cant believe i got 99 but meh Maybe you train slow well if in 5 months I don't have it you can say I told you so. it took me about 8 months from 72 - 99 , and on average i played about 6 hours a day doing it ( no life tell me about it haha ) it might not seem hard now, but just you wait i support you don't get me wrong , but 4- 5 months seems a little short... but i guess you people have the zmi now and i didnt :) I just took an estimated guess tbh + I factored in the Runecraftig gloves aswell but knowing Jagex They won't work. Got 55 a day or 2 ago but I won't be on RS for a bit got some RL stuff to sort out. I'l get on to check out the RC'ing gloves and the new PvP but after that probaly won't be here :P
  5. 26082

    99 Runecrafting

    First step in going for Runecraft cape is to realize that. Gratz on it. :) And yeah, best of luck. I wonder if this log will last to 99. Hope it does :) Btw just a notice I'm not posting a pic of everytime I level seeing as that would just be to much hassle to upload so i'm either going to post every tenth I.e. 50, 60, 70.. or at Milemarks I have set myself :P
  6. 26082

    Merch ~~ 99 Smithing And Firemaking

    Nice log good luck with 99
  7. 26082

    Zerker Kite Eh?

    45 Defence I believe offering higher Strength bonus than a rune defender but the downside being you need to repair it.
  8. 26082

    99 Runecrafting

    Old account of mine which a RL friend found out pass to and got defence (was a pure) Yea No ones selling pure essence lol so I took a break and got
  9. 26082

    99 Runecrafting

    Ty and I will Answer to previous question: Zamorak Bowz was "Hacked" so I quit it.
  10. 26082

    99 Runecrafting

    Maybe you train slow well if in 5 months I don't have it you can say I told you so.
  11. 26082

    99 Runecrafting

  12. 26082

    Intimidated By A Skill Cape?

    Telling someone off for having a 99 in a stat is sad lol. Depending on the skill I would hop if theres only one of each source i.e mining if not I would keep at it.
  13. 26082

    99 Runecrafting

    Oh noez its Macki
  14. 26082

    Recent Shock/pornography Attacks

    What do you think can be done other than what has already been said?

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