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  1. Slim Pooky

    Sax - MASSIVE update check it out :)

    I love you, hope that's cool...
  2. If your back then hmu bbg still got a special place in my heart for you :D. I just came back a month ago too :( And if you change your name I swear I will find you and beat you up boi (changed my name back to pooky1444 btw :D)<33
  3. if im not at that party i dont consider you a friend anymore I hope you know that...:D GET DA fudge ON MOAR OFTEN! or pm me your skype that would work too... lol
  4. Slim Pooky

    It's Over 99.

    gratzorz :D wish i had at least 1 chaotic XD
  5. Slim Pooky

    The Real Slim Pooky

    After a long and arduous journey(riding my graahk of course :() I have made it to 99! Yes kiddies I have achieved 99 runecrafting at long last :D. Now I shall take a little bit of time to get 97-99 str and then grind out 99 att and def for max melee lol. My, my what a long path awaits. But at least I shall have my runecrafting cape to keep me warm<3 Special thanks to lilshu1990, eval riz and woodmun. Love you guys<3
  6. Slim Pooky

    99 #7 (99 Runecraft)

    Hey guys! I was inactive for a really long time so this 99 is like 5 months overdue :D. Next is 99 Strength, Currently 97 :(
  7. Slim Pooky


    Gratz on 99 mage I remember telling you how I got 99 mage back when you only had 1 99 :'). Now you've passed me in amount of 99s :D(for now lol got one skill 98 one 97 ;D) you should add me >:(
  8. Slim Pooky

    The Real Slim Pooky

    Decided I might as well update my log. I've been inactive for a while and just came back to runescape a week or so ago and got right back on top of runecrafting. Now I am about 10 or so hours away from 99 hoping to get it done by tomorrow so that I can move onto combat :D. Can't wait to finally post the picture ^-^
  9. Slim Pooky

    Thread Ended

    good luck on your goals :( hope you keep your log up the people that have had logs for a while all have amazing accounts :D
  10. Slim Pooky

    Yay! 3 Mining :)

    hey kyra lol glad to see you are getting somewhere with fishing :( hope after this you make your goal 2k total :D.
  11. Slim Pooky

    The Matrix: Relunared

    Hey there babe, geuss who. Yep Lunaar Lover ;D. GZ on the shield left half which is surprisingly rare o.O and on 87 range
  12. Slim Pooky

    What Should My Seventh 99 Be?

    Prbly but im already 92 runecrafting so only 7 levels to go lol. According to my log lotsa people want 99 defense to be my first combat 99
  13. Slim Pooky

    Finally Done With This Wretched Skill

    gratz on 92 firemaking ill get around to it too after i finish the hard skills ;D
  14. Slim Pooky


    ok he isn't serious when he said he botted guys you know that right o.O? Gratz on numba 20 blakie get theiving next mate ;D

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