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  1. Dark Jaklord

    Spinning Flax

    err, i think lumby is dude. I dunt think Neitiznot is
  2. Dark Jaklord

    What's He Wearing

    what's his hat, top, & bottom, & shoes, thx
  3. Dark Jaklord

    Prices + Graphics = =s?

    lol exactly what i was trying to say. i mean, it's not at all out of the ordinary.
  4. Dark Jaklord

    Prices + Graphics = =s?

    will the graphics effect the prices of items? i have a feeling some items will skyrocket, but not sure which ones & i'd like to make a profit if i could thanks for any tips
  5. Dark Jaklord

    I Need 48 Agility..

    lol had that quest done before i even hit 54rcing lol
  6. Dark Jaklord

    I Need 48 Agility..

    ok i'm on the monkey dude on r.f.d. quest. i'm 43 agility. and the quest says i need 48 agility. now can i start that quest by using a pot or one of those pies? or do i just have to get it there? thanks a ton.
  7. Dark Jaklord

    The Bunny Kit

    lol i can tell that's rejected man.. that looks bigger than a gs fgs
  8. Dark Jaklord

    The Table?

    err i thought jagex changed it
  9. Dark Jaklord

    Slayer Dart?

    wikia isn't Jagex.
  10. Dark Jaklord

    Slayer Dart?

    why is that i'm hitting like 5x faster w/ ahrims on than i was w/ torag Actually slayer dart is not affected by your magic bonus. I read it in the KB or the forums by a moderator... I can't remember which. That's why it's such an awesome spell. You can cast it in full protection gear! i'd like to see the quote from the KB. IDC about mods. they don't know everything
  11. Dark Jaklord

    Slayer Dart?

    yes but why do i always hear no matter what you wear it doesn't effect slayer dart
  12. Dark Jaklord

    Slayer Dart?

    is it true that the more mage bonus the more often slayer dart will hit on barrows
  13. Dark Jaklord

    The Table?

    yes, i'll keep it on there as short as i can cause i'm working on a screanie for a friend lol
  14. Dark Jaklord

    The Table?

    ok ty, i wanted to take a funny screanie ^^
  15. Dark Jaklord

    The Table?

    Can you put things on tables, like whips & whatnot on tables & have other ppl see them? I've seen this in a vid, but not sure about it thanks

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