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  1. Ifno

    Interface setup

    Any idea how to setup my interface like the outlined boxes? Thanks guise :D Image taken from Junesong's just in case anyone cares. :P Edit: Le Cartman helped me out in game :D ... Settings -> Gameplay -> Action bar settings -> Secondary/Tertiary action bar etc.
  2. Some noob asked me to drop this here
  3. Ifno


    Share I tbed.
  4. Ifno


    Try wriggling the cable near the plug. If sound comes back in one ear and then you lose it again then your cable is dying and there isn't much you can do short of replacing the earphones/headphones. It's usually how cheap earphones/headphones die unfortunately.
  5. DBAN it. And then re-install Windows on it and sell. Make sure you back up everything you need though before you erase everything. Unless you want to be passing over all your personal files and documents to whoever receives your laptop...?
  6. Ifno

    Dual monitor setup?

    Is that power supply modular? If it isn't, you might want to consider changing it (again) although it's hard to find a decent, cheap modular power supply. :( Easier cable management overall without excess power cables. :P
  7. Ifno

    New PC

    Heh heh nice. When I saw the first picture I was but then the second one is much better. :P You might want to have a look through the Overclock.net Phantom Club thread to get inspiration/ideas for tighter cable management (although some builds on there look unrealistically clean :o)
  8. Ifno

    Dual monitor setup?

    Might want to check up on the Samsung 830 Series 128GB - http://images.anandtech.com/graphs/graph6074/48863.png Not sure how comprehensive Anandtech's review is, but it does beat the Intel 520 in that benchmark. Here in Australia, the Samsung 830 is cheaper, although the warranty is 3 years compared to the Intel 520's 5 years. Don't know if that still holds over there in the States. You may also want to consider changing your RAM to G.Skill Ares 2x4GB 1600MHz since it's low profile RAM. Usually what's recommended for builds over here when paired with the Coolermaster Evo 212, can't remember the last time I saw someone recommend Ripjaws. :s Also, are you sure you need all the features on the AsRock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard? If not you may want to consider replacing it with the Z77-Pro4M or the Z77 Pro3, but if you're under budget and happy there's no real reason to I guess. :P
  9. Ifno

    Some Like it Cold (Complete)

    Just used this guide, works a charm. :P Battlefish is no fun though. :(
  10. Ifno

    Gaming Computer

    I've never used PCPartsPicker, so I have no idea if the prices really include shipping or not. Having a look at the MWave website, shipping seems to be ~$10. So you're really better off sourcing parts from MSY locally. The i5 3570k is $4 cheaper than MWave (then add shipping on top). :P MSY also stocks the same hard drive you're planning to get shipped from Scorptec. The Corsair TX650 is $112 at MSY (non-modular). The TruePower 550/650 is $95/120 respectively at MSY (but it's modular). Or if you opt for the Antec Earthwatts as Bob-sama suggests, it's $89. Don't think you'll need a 650w PSU though unless you plan on going SLI/Crossfire further down the road? RAM you should go for the G.Skill Ares 1600 8GB (2x4GB) for $58 from MSY. The Asrock Z77 PRO4-M is $105 from MSY. According to the AsRock Website the Pro4-M is similarly specced as the Pro3-M (with an additional 2 SATA3 ports) but it's just a smaller-form factor. Doesn't make sense for the Pro4-M to have more SATA3 ports, even though it's physically smaller but that's how it is. :P (I've actually never seen the Pro3-M been recommended for builds). Suggest you have a look around Whirlpool. Maybe sign up and make a post in the Desktops section with your budget and requirements and if there are improvements/savings to be made anywhere, Whirlpool should be able to make the best recommendations as it's an Australian-based forum. :)
  11. http://www.mymemory....aPro-Headphones - Koss Porta Pros for £17.99 http://www.mymemory....D201-Headphones - Sennheiser HD201s for £14.47 VOUCH5R12 for 5% off.
  12. Ifno

    Explaining The Bots...

    Reported everyone in that FC for botting... Because who else would hang around Jacmob's FC? :(
  13. Ifno

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    Only when I come. :D
  14. Read your user manual... There should be an Fn key on the bottom left of your keyboard, which when held in conjunction with one of the F1-F12 keys will perform different functions. I know on my Lenovo Fn + F6 locks the touchpad. Depending on the make of your laptop there should be something similar to perform that.
  15. Ifno

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    RSWiki says it's 80k for a three dose Overload... Expensive. :D
  16. Ifno

    Sal's Weekly Boss Mass

    is this the right gear to bring??? :(
  17. Ifno

    For Mah Dagg Tasks

    Previous Topic on DKs Solo Maging Short story: Get a hybridder from Burstinglobs so you don't have to worry about Supreme/Prime (unless it's a crap hybridder or you're bad at luring Rex). Ragefire/Infinity/Mystic boots over dragon boots; dragon boots give no range defence and have a negative magic attack bonus. 43 summoning... Dunno if I'd bother doing DKs without a spirit terrorbird at the very least.
  18. Ifno

    Tds Or Frosts?

    Tormented Demons are a lot more work comparatively, if you can't multi-task, as killing Tormented Demons do require a certain degree of co-ordination... You have to know how to lure the demons, trap the demons you're not killing so that you don't get piled, and then you need to be able to switch prayers and attack styles whilst staying alive. :( Watch a few videos on Youtube then decide whether you're up for it or not. If you don't like questing, I wouldn't bother doing WGS just to unlock Tormented Demons as a money source... Frost Dragons on the other hand are much easier, go in, set up your cannon and fire away. The blue deflect orb shows up once every 3 kills maybe from what I've seen since Jagex updated the dragons. You either pray protect from magic or range at the start of the fight and that's what you pray for the whole fight. Frost Dragons are less work and a more consistent money maker... If you had WGS done, you'd switch between Frost Dragons and Tormented Demons depending on how your mood is, but since you're only close to accessing one, I'd say just do Frost Dragons. :D
  19. For the lower levels: if you add a tinderbox to your toolbelt, you can left-click burn teak/mahogany logs as they have no craft/fletch option. Teaks give 105 experience per log, mahogany logs give 157.5 experience and maples give 135 experience, so how long you train with teaks/mahogany logs depends on how lazy you are. :(

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