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    I found God... On the Corner of first and Amistad. Where the west, was all but won...
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    Pft... What everyone else does... You know... Black Mailing governments, blowing up oil refineries, dis-arming nukes, eating jelly dounuts, killing double posters/spammers/1337 pplz and reporting Sal for asking personal info... Duh

    Trying to fight corrupt moderators, but failing miserably... Anyone want to help out?

    RuneScape, Sal's, Writing Guides for Sal's, Working on my awsome website (Look up), Studying for school but I don't exactly enjoy it... Did I mention Runescape and runescape? Just learned HTML Coding too :P don't laugh, it's not that funny. I also want to learn CSS and Java, but I don't exactly think I have time :P - I HAVE A LIFE YOU KNOW! IF YOU ARE ON SAL'S OR RUNESCAPE MORE THAN 3 HOURS A DAY THEN YOU DON'T HAVE A LIFE! (Unless you are a mod, or admin :0)

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    Vincent S1
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    Killing people and chopping them up when nobody is looking, duh.
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    IDK... Look it up noob
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    Too lazy to look.
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    Barney and Tellitubies Rule!
  1. Veni vidi vici

    What'd I miss?

    Oh, I appear to be remembered... And Sal lives! Fascinating... Ecology... Has changed much very... The creatures have evolved into a state that I shall call "Salmon." *LINUX FOR THE WIN* Oyeah, I built a new computer. Maybe I should go and show it off over in tech. Brag a little. For those curious: ASRock 770iCafe FX-6100 Cooler Master 212 EVO 8GB o' RAM @ 1333Mz 1TB Hitachi HDD @ 7200RPM NVIDIA GTX 660 superclocked (EVGA) Antec 300 Apieva 680W PSU. ~Vincent
  2. Veni vidi vici

    What'd I miss?

    It's been three months. Exactly. Is anybody still here that I know? If not, I'll just scoot away again. ~Vincent
  3. Veni vidi vici


    No. This would make us like every other first world country, and gosh darnit the republicans will not let that happen to preserve the integrity of some blah blah blah, and would violate their blah blah blah, and gosh darnit the government has too much blah blah blah and obama is a socialist muslim who is going to take away our guns and blah blah blah. Sorry. In short: Several American idiots will not allow that type of common sense to be applied in our nation. ~Vincent
  4. Veni vidi vici


    http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2012/06/28/how-will-supreme-court-rule-on-health-care-law/?hpt=hp_t1 Victory for Obama, Democrats and America. Discuss. ~Vincent
  5. Veni vidi vici

    Laptop Advice, Please?

    1. Don't get this laptop. I have a Core 2 Duo (The one on that latptop is Pentium dual core), and it is fairly similar, and I would strongly suggest not getting it, but maybe waiting a month or two until intel's Ivy Bridge CPUs come out, and prices will lower for current gen i3 and i5 mobile CPUs. Trust me, that CPU is already outclassed by NVIDIA's Tegra 3. 2. No, on laptops you cannot upgrade the graphics card. Usually the GPUs are sautered onto the motherboard, and Intel's graphcis are integrated with the CPU. In short, just no. I live in the US and am not really sure about conversion rates, but an approximate budget would help. ~Vincent
  6. Seems legit. Google is consistently the most innovative company in the world. Thoughts? ~Vincent
  7. Veni vidi vici

    Not gone... Just lost

    Miss me? Aw, I missed you guys too (sans red and Dani). Well, apparently it's been over five years now... And I'm still here. Wow I'm old. Anyway, yes, I am still here. I've just been really, really busy with school. tl;dr I am really busy, don't have have time to post, still troll lurk occasionally. I'll try and post more often, but not guarantees that I could ever match the epicness of red's posting level of over 18,000. It may just be the new forum layout, but IDK. ~Vincent
  8. I cannot believe this guy is running for president... Does he know that we're in the 21st -- NOT 17th -- Century? I'm not religious, but I think I'd pray that Rick Santorum does not win the Republican nomination. Frankly, I disagree with Romney on almost everything, but I'd rather have him president than Santorum. Obama > Insert large gap here > Romney > Nobody > Santorum. ~Vincent
  9. Veni vidi vici

    Rate My Desktop! [official]

    Originality: 5/10 Style: 3/10 Neatness: 9/10 Overall: 5.6/10 Bringin' Sexy Back with elementary OS. ~Vincent
  10. Veni vidi vici

    Greetings :P

    Who is this madman who has returned to our humble cave? Welcome back Master Neverdead. Never did get around to finishing my book lol. ~Vincent
  11. Veni vidi vici


    Marriage = 2 people who love + care about each other and argue over what to have for dinner. If those criteria are satisfied, then they can marry. I have no problem with them, and know many people who are gay/bi. THEY ARE AX MURDERERS I TELL YE!!! Err... Very nice people. I frankly don't really care... As long as they don't try and sacrifice me to some deity, they're chill. ~Vincent
  12. Greece is starting to look quite nice right about now... I am scared. I pray (and I really don't usually), that Obama wins. For all our safety. ~Vincent
  13. Veni vidi vici

    Hey guys, I wanna show you a video of me!

    Oh... Dear... I'd pay to see all the mods get together (especially Dani) and do this :P. Nice work :D lol ~Vincent
  14. Veni vidi vici

    Tech Blog Startup

    Well, apparently, I'm not actually as busy as I thought I am going to be. I either have more stuff on my plate than I know what to do with, or am sitting around banging my head against the wall. Anyway, barring me picking up three more courses in school, a meteor impacting my neighborhood, thermonuclear war, or SOPA/PIPA passing, I'll be able to join. I think I'd like to do a rant on how Nokia murdered Meego... Anyway, let me know if there's still space :) ~Vincent
  15. Veni vidi vici

    Tech Blog Startup

    Sounds cool bro. If I wasn't busy with 374 other things, I'd help. Sadly, I'm busy working on 376 other things. Good luck though, I'll be interested to see what it looks like :) ~Vincent

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