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    Catchin monkfish at world 59, saving for dh.
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    HoMg I'm an underage RuneScape player!!?!?!?!111<br />Yup. I joined before they made the age recommendation fattymajig. Not my fault. :P

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    My own; the Legends.
  1. Fousu

    Fousu's Buddy Workshop Expansions

    Hey. So I realize this was, um, over six years ago and all, but I've completely lost these files as majhost.com is gone and my old computer is bricked. Did anyone manage to save them? I realize this is such a longshot lol but I wanted to make sure before giving up completely
  2. Fousu

    Squeaky Kit! =3

    I love this kit...
  3. Fousu

    Development Diary: Summoning - Part 3

    I think summoning is gona be f2p. It will be very limited tho, maybe like 50+ p2p summons and 10 or below f2p. It would make f2p people want to summon the p2p ones and become members. More f2ps would become members if they had some of the skill, if they had none of the skill than they wouldnt even be able to try it and wouldnt become p2p as much catch my drift
  4. Fousu

    Types Of Houses

    Already stated in first post; 20k. And I'm working on furniture now. Restaurant should be done tonight.
  5. Fousu

    Types Of Houses

    Certainly. If JaGex ever made this update, the "normal houses" wouldn't be affected in any way.
  6. Fousu

    Types Of Houses

    Well, recently with the new House Party world, many "Hotels" and "Restaurants" have been opening up in houses. I like this idea, but it seems a little useless. I wanted to expand it, with new types of houses. To change the type of your house, go to one of the Estate Agents in the game. It costs 20k to change the type of your house. Types of Houses Normal House (level 1) Restaurant (level 10) Hotel (level 20) Market (level 40) Dungeon (level 70) Normal House A normal house is just that-- a normal house. No changes are here, just the plain old house we see today. Restaurant A place where people can have fun and buy food. A separate set of rooms are here... Level 10- Entrance Level 10- Waiting Room Level 10- Kitchen Level 15- Dining Room Level 20- Staircase Level 21- Garden Level 30- Outside Dining Room Level 40- Bar More coming soon. :s Supporters: :(
  7. Fousu

    Close Please!

    No thats really wrong anyone can host em. Ooh, I'm really sorry then... I'll be posting my submission. I think I'll do Lucien's new look... -Fousu
  8. Fousu

    Blob Kit

    I've always liked small kits, this one is no exception. The only thing I don't like is the way that the body is all twisted. It's like the head is facing to the side, the body is facing front, and the legs are backwards... Ooh and by the waist is a little threesome of pixels sticking out which I don't like... However, I like the kit in general. :P -Fousu
  9. Fousu

    Close Please!

    I'm pretty sure this isn't allowed... If anything, I think there are official Pixel Contests and things for this sort of stuff, but only high ranked people and make them. -Fousu
  10. Fousu

    Fatigue Vs Random Events

    I already have all the random event clothes and emotes so I also really dislike randoms with great intensity. I never played RSC so I would LOVE fatigue in RS2. I support. -Fousu
  11. Fousu

    New Emote

    Some muted people are freeplayers. :(
  12. Fousu

    New Emote

    Some people are muted. They can be a high level, such as 112, and have a noob following them asking for free stuff. This emote would be exclusive to muted people, and when you do it, you will hold up a sign saying "I'm muted". This could help people understand that people are muted. -Fousu
  13. Fousu

    A Kit, From My Early Days Of Sals.

    I've always liked this kit, I'm glad to see it's back. Good job. :( -Fousu Edit: Ooh, in the next update you should change the Dragon Full Helm to the official version...
  14. Fousu

    Banana Kit 2

    I see you improved a little, but for some things it looks like you doubled the size and cleaned up the lines from your old kit. If you're making a new template I suggest making new items from scratch... -Fousu

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