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  1. varomak

    Yeah, Well, Umm.... 99 Runecrafting !?!?!?!?

    Congratz!!! very good achievement
  2. varomak

    98 Woodcutting!

    Congratz!! good luck for 99
  3. varomak

    Runecrafting Gloves

    i say earth gloves, will be best for your xp
  4. varomak

    Most Respectable 99

    Runecrafting is most respectable by far imo!!
  5. varomak

    30 Million Runecrafting Experience!

    Congratz!!! Are you doing ZMI or nats?
  6. varomak

    How Should I Get To Lvl 50 Rc?

    Tbh just making air runes to level 50 wont take very long at all, and its very easy to do.
  7. varomak

    How Is Every1 So Rich?

    I make nature runes for 1m profit per hour
  8. varomak

    Master Of A Skill - 99's

    I have 12: 99 firemaking - 5m 99 fletching 99 cooking - 6m 99 hitpoints 99 magic 99 runecrafting 99 crafting - 85m 99 strenght 99 mining 99 attack 99 smithing - 56m 99 agility not working on any more at the moment, rcing for cash -.-
  9. varomak

    Stone Of Jas Missing

    nvm, it was gone, could have sworn i saw it
  10. stone of jas has gone missing, i believe it has something to do with the strange event yesterday and a near future update.
  11. varomak

    15m Rc

  12. varomak

    Making Party Hats?

    im sure a lot of people wish this was true, but sadly its not
  13. i change it about depending on what skill, but normally agile top/legs boots of lightness, skillcape, glory are the basics for most skills i do

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