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  1. Razorlike

    The last person to post here wins

    Merry christmas <3
  2. Razorlike

    Difficult Question

    @Redmonke: The rope would not be travelling faster then light, but you would send information faster then light (something which is also not possible). Even a rigid body (a thick iron staff for example) would exhibit a longitudinal wave moving at less then the speed of light.
  3. Razorlike

    Dear Mr Fang And Others

    Although I can't speak for Zooey saying "I don't really see the point in continuing to argue about my evidence." is not the same as "not wanting to argue at all".
  4. Razorlike

    Paranormal Activity 3

    Me2, gonna see the second one this wednesday
  5. Razorlike

    Problems With [p] And [center]

    As a frequent abuser of the center tags this problem has frequently visited me. There is nothing that can be done about it, except using the correct order of the tags. ~Razorlike
  6. Razorlike

    Sal's Realm Elimination Staff Edition

    I'm honoured as to have made it this far :(. Xaria <39> Razorlike <21> Hurt Xaria Heal Razorlike ~Razorlike
  7. Razorlike

    Sals Realm Re-elimination

    umad because I'm alive.
  8. Razorlike

    Ya Know What

    If you want actual feedback surrounding your dating advice just say the word. Your "dating information" put more guys in the friendzone then watching Next Top Model as a date in my opinion. Might take a while though since I'm quite busy. Especially as someone who is aspires to become a therapist (from what I've read in the few times I read your blog, so pardon me if that's incorrect) there is still tons to learn about psychology involving gaming (the act of picking up girl).
  9. Razorlike

    Rubik's Cube Groups

    Could you give some more info about the group and what you are doing? What are "those moves"? I know basic group theory and I can speculate a lot about this, but it would help if you would give a more detailed question. Just read a bit about the Rubiks Cube and your notation. From what I get that group contains all possible permutation and thus the elements are the permutations. As for binary operations, In mathematics, a binary operation is a calculation involving two operands, in other words, an operation whose arity is two. Examples include the familiar arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. I believe with the Cube you are applying an operation (rotation in the form of { L,R,F,B,U,D }) on a side of the cube, whereas a binary operation would take two elements out of the group and form a third (for example (Z,+) where a*b would be a+b=c). Unfortunately neither in my group theory text book nor the text I'm reading about Group theory involving the Rubiks Cube, is there any mentioning of binary operation. ~Razorlike
  10. Razorlike

    Another Question! =d

    ----- Topic reopened. Please don't flame and try to read earlier post to avoid repeating answers :(. ~Razorlike
  11. Razorlike

    Breaking The Speed Of Light?

    It's certainly an exciting subject. I reckon it's an error in the measurement process. If it's not it's an exciting time, but just like the "discovery" of special and general relativity didn't make classical mechanics obsolete, this won't either. It is of course a huge flaw in our current theories. ~Razorlike
  12. Razorlike

    Lol K

    Yh I wrote my formula in an incorrect way, it should be divide not minus.
  13. Razorlike

    Lol K

    Never had these kind of calculations so I'll just give it a try: p= amount of numbers k= length of sequence (p!/(p-k)!) Why? Lets say we look at a few combinations. We start with 1, for the next number in the sequence we have 5 options, we choose one. For the following we have 4, etc until we have 4 numbers. Then we start with 2. For the next number we again have 5 possibilities,etc. Now when we start with one number we have 5*4*3 possibilties. Since we have 6 numbers to start from, given a random number to start yields 6*5*4*3 possibilities. Because I like to keep things general, it's easy to see that when changing the length of the sequence by one, the amount of possibilities beccome 6*5*4*3*2. This gives us a general form of p!/(p-k)!. My math is rusty and I've never even had this class so this is by no means correct probably. EDIT: In this case it would give you ((6*5*4*3*2*1)-2*1)=6*5*4*3=360 possibilities
  14. Razorlike

    If You Look


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