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  1. Redshuster

    Suggestions to improve the Sals CD

    I don't mean an actual official list (though a ranking for matched fights might be possible). Just a thread that people can post their own rankings based off activity, recent matches, ect.
  2. Redshuster

    Flip Flops vs Ronin [3-0]

    Looks like you beat the snot out of them. Keep it up.
  3. Redshuster

    Suggestions to improve the Sals CD

    Sounds good to me. :) Can we get a topic pinned for a top 10 list? Think it would bring some additional activity. While this forum is getting a bit more active, you can only post GF so many times on peoples victory topics.
  4. Looks like you guys had fun.
  5. Most Active | Most Hated | #Rseos on SwiftIRC | EoS Chat Clan Chat | Most Innovative |Most Feared So my right hand man Corruption ex-Warlord, Gwarzo was tuning in to his daily dose of Mogtime Tv. He informed me of the Stream and that Mogtime and his 300 Disciples were planning on moving into F2P with the Chance of them fighting Reign Of Terror. However, we are no fools. F2P belongs to us and i went forth and called a Mandatory mass to intercept. We followed them step by step and eventually merged into their Pile at New Gate. Bows Drawn, Magic Spells Charged and Battle Axes Sharpened. We launched the Ambush resulting in around 10 mins of Clearing over 300 Randomers in the vicinity of Greaters Demons to New Gate. Peaking at over 60 People no prep at 7 EST. Thanks for the Action Mogtime. You now work for us. KINGS OF F2P PM Ell01 or EOS_Oli for Wilderness Passes
  6. Redshuster

    Poison vs THE feat. Ronin

    NP for the AC. Honestly one of the worst crash attempts I've ever seen.
  7. Redshuster

    Divine Forces beat Ronin

    Well done, expected.
  8. Redshuster

    Divine Forces vs Damage Incorporated

    YES I FOUND YOU. Sorry for camping you at one of your fights we were ACing. I dunno why but I thought you were RoT.
  9. Redshuster

    Divine Forces vs Damage Incorporated

    Did they not have audio that first round? You spanked them.
  10. Redshuster

    Flip Flops vs Vitality [3-0]

    Ive never joined a F2P team. How often would I have to go to events?
  11. Redshuster

    Herb Run questions

    So I started farming recently and I want to being doing herb runs. In RS3 I think Ranarr and Toadflax were the most profitable, any idea what is the best now?
  12. Redshuster

    Rules of Clan Discussion

    It was a joke.
  13. Redshuster

    Suggestions to improve the Sals CD

    I think your questions are a bit black and white: Am I an active RuneScape player with an interest in clanning? No, I neither play RuneScape, nor pay much attention to the clan scene these days. However, when I did play, I think I played for about 3 years extra from what I would have, solely due to clans and PvP. That said, I would rather argue that while I might not have much an interest in the current clan scene, that also makes me impartial. Considering I have mediated between clans for the better part of a decade, in RuneScape or other MMOs, I think I can do the job well enough. As for championing ideas... well, that depends on the ideas, does it not? If anyone comes forth with a logical suggestion that benefits the community and does not violate any rules, I have no problems making sure it is not ignored. In my experience though, I am more sceptical about a variety of clans ever being able to agree on somethin, than to the Staff recognising good ideas. :P Knowing, and enforcing rules is an important job of any moderator. Clanning is different than the achievement section. I don't mean that as a jab, its just the truth. I'm all for moderators being impartial. As for championing ideas, what I was trying to ask was, why has nothing been done until now? Dead section or not, I haven't seen any otherworldly ideas thrown out to improve this forum that couldn't have been implemented until now. That kind of leads me back to my initial point, is it a goal of the staff on Sals to see the clan section succeed?

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