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  1. SoNew27


    I feel bad for you that you got hacked on other sites which might be important but I'm glad you got hacked. I remember when I used to compete skill-wise with firends, we'd usually be evenly match until those weeks where I just had to take a break. I'd be losing the competition big time and it sucked but it wasn't until the end I found out they botted while I actually played. Cheaters like yourself need to be taught a lesson. Thanks for giving us advice we already knew; now you can use that same advice for yourself in the future. Maybe I sound harsh but sorry that's the way the cookie crumbles.
  2. SoNew27

    Error Connecting To Server

    Nope I just had to clear my cache and restart. Thanks for the help though
  3. SoNew27

    Error Connecting To Server

    Hey guys, I don't play runescape much anymore but I do check in with my account once in a while. About a month ago, I tried to log on and got the message "error connecting to server" So I was like no biggie, maybe they're updating or something, I'll check back later. But I forgot to check. So yesterday, I logged in after 31 days, and I was at the splash screen that shows the tip, inbox, and two fav worlds. I click on one world and I got the message "Error connecting to server". I tried the other world, and same message. Then today I tried again, on both Mozilla and IE and this time it doesn't even make it to the splash screen, it says that message after I enter my pass and click enter. Any ideas as to what's up???
  4. SoNew27

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    I'd use it for runecrafting and smithing!
  5. SoNew27

    Sal's Weekly 10,000,000gp Giveaway

    SoNew27 I'd use it for 75 smithing
  6. Sell your scimms in the next two days before the hype dies. Good Luck.
  7. SoNew27

    99 Cooking

    This is my first and probably will be the only 99. I think I'll quit forevarr (or just come back once in a while). Call me lame for choosing cooking since it's so easy but I don't have time for other 99 skills. So cooking ftw. I think this will also be my last post on Sal's. Farewell!
  8. SoNew27

    Summer Goals

    Workout, volunteer, play ball...oh wait, that's irl...
  9. SoNew27

    What Level To Start Cuttin Yews?

    Quite slow is an exxageration. Please don't start at 60, that's ignorance and that doesn't get you very. At the very least get 66 if not 70 wc before you start, although 80 is where it really comes in.
  10. SoNew27

    Major Runescape Bug

    I LOL'd when you said you thought it was a bug. Gah, people should remember their recovery questions/answers well, it saves a lot of time when it comes to recovering an account.
  11. SoNew27

    Adopting A Noob.

    "I want to be the very best..." LOL you're like a pokemon trainer... Anyway, I like what you're doing but if you think about it, by helping "noobs", you're virtually making yourself unproductive. And I don't think he was trying to say that he wants his apprentices to reach level 100. He said that, that's what he tells them, like sweet talking them and making them feel good. As for being a top player, I don't think anyone can really reach that goal because there's always one person that's always higher than them. Even the person atop the highscores list right now can be beat by someone else in perhaps minigames or wealth. You can strive to be a better ingame player but you'll never be the best. Good, but not the best. I look at myself and my own skills and realize that even though for a F2P, I have good levels, there's like a couple thousand freeplayers who're probably better than me.
  12. SoNew27

    99 Mage

    Umm....how do you post this then?
  13. Wouldn't it cause a huge rush to the dragons like the red-chins thing? Then dragon's would be flooded because not only do you get combat exp and money, you also get hunter exp...
  14. SoNew27

    So, F2p Melee Training On Moss Giants.

    CRANDOR. Go to Crandor on an empty world and there's tree giants all near each other in a "non-multicombat" area so you won't have your kill stolen Plus, since there's three, that means that you don't have to keep waiting for the giants to respond. Training wise, flesh crawlers on World 3 are good. Lastly, quickchat worlds are almost never crowded (for me). Use them to your advantageous.

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