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  1. weechees

    Bot-busting And Bonuses For All

    Great timing...my membership ends just as these bonuses kick in :(
  2. weechees

    Easter 2009

    Just finished, emote's pretty cool, so's the carrot. Overall, very fun, especially seeing that stupid Easter Bunny Jr. make comments about the workers. By the way, the carrot's attack stats are rubbish! Tried to kill a level-2 man and kept hitting zeroes (lvl 72 combat). Still, very good event, and had quite a bit of fun.
  3. weechees

    How Long U Played?

    Since Easter 06. I remember seeing all these holes in the ground and didn't know what they for, so I missed out on the easter ring.
  4. weechees

    N B A

    Of all things, Chicago won the lottery!
  5. weechees

    What Snack Do You Eat More Of/like Best?

    Milk and Chocolate Milk.
  6. weechees

    Greatest Sports Dynasty

    Boston Celtics 1960s and Man United 1990s
  7. weechees

    What Nationality Are You?

    I'm Chinese.
  8. weechees

    Most Overrated And Underrated Teams In Nba.

    Overrated-Dallas Mavericks The Kidd trade sounded good, but they've not won against .500+ teams since. Underrated-Golden State Warriors Very good offense, but the other teams keep winning so they will have to make do with the 8th seed.
  9. weechees

    N B A

    Great game just now, Lakers beating the Warriors in overtime.
  10. weechees

    Detroit Pistons Vs. Boston Celtics

    Boston are playing great now, but Detroit will have improved in a few years time.
  11. weechees


    5, Woodcutting (94 ), Smithing, Crafting (both 50), Firemaking (63), Runecrafting (38).
  12. weechees

    Wilderness Or Bounty Hunter

    Although I don't pk much, I'd chose the Wilderness. You can chose your opponent there safely.
  13. weechees

    F2p Or P2p?

    F2p, but I was a member a year ago.
  14. weechees


    15 and 106.

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