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  1. Lyra Heartstrings

    What have you learned from Runescape?

    I learned how to cope with boredom and not to trust people.
  2. Lyra Heartstrings

    What's in a name?

    Because I'm a neckbeard who watches a show for 7 year old girls.
  3. Oh, I got unbanned? I thought I was perma'd, but it was only a year

    1. Shooter585
    2. -Leaf-


      why were u banned

    3. Aabid


      LOL i thought you left. I swear its been less than a year that I saw you lol

  4. Lyra Heartstrings

    Frost Dragons

    About 1.5m estimate Ill post inv tommorow when I can get on :l
  5. Lyra Heartstrings

    Dharok: Nerfed into oblivion?

    HEY FLY [email protected][email protected][email protected]! Get on Skype more or i'll play your butt like bongos. i'm into that shizzle
  6. Lyra Heartstrings

    Dharok: Nerfed into oblivion?

    relatively sure they actually fixed something for once and made it so that level 80 weapons are actually better (unless you're under like 20% hp but it's dangerous to have that little health in a lot of the situations it was used it).
  7. Lyra Heartstrings

    Baldy - Level 4 Skiller

    Gl with this just theiving agile and higher level mining sucked as a skiller lol
  8. Lyra Heartstrings


  9. Lyra Heartstrings

    4th chaotic

    ikr it's making bandos a joke with no pray lol also you can rush very easy you just get momentum on the guards in edge and then do a regular hit with momentum and sever
  10. Lyra Heartstrings

    Ultimate Ranged/2h Guide

    Pretty sure you just spam abilities now until you can use destroy and some thresholds :P
  11. Lyra Heartstrings

    Ultimate Ranged/2h Guide

    Range 2hing is viable anymore sorry Smit :<
  12. Lyra Heartstrings

    Lava Flow Mine and Keldagrim in general

    I like it Sorry if it's too much but pls at least increase chance of mining suit ty
  13. Lyra Heartstrings

    I Need Your HELP!

    I'll help add me gl no
  14. Lyra Heartstrings

    Goodbye RS2 :(

    No because its free xp and it gets people logging on daily

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