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    A Computer Desk, England, UK, Europe, Earth, Solar System, Universe... (Send me a postcard) =P
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    Playing Runescape, Eating pizzas etc....

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    Pfft.. you serious?
  1. Seems as though it might not be back on for some time at this rate. *sits in corner and cries* ~Pizza PS: Call me a nerd, see if I care. :)
  2. Idk whether this has anything to do with the servers but we are having a bit of bad weather in England, and Jagex is based in England. :) Just a thought as to why they're offline. ~Pizza
  3. This is annoying :) Hmm... I'm not really supersticious or anything, but today is Friday the 13th. :) ~Pizza
  4. Ooo, nice log! Good luck on all your goals! I saw you on world 71 :P Don't think you noticed me though :) ~Pizza
  5. iPizza

    Fist Of Guthix

    Aww dang... Can't get the log in screen to load :P Ah well, I'm kinda relieved because the rc gloves are only for the elemental rune and not nats :) ~Pizza
  6. iPizza

    99 Firemaking!

    Thanks :) Omg, how'd you know? :/ Thanks :/ Good luck with 99 FM. I have faith in you, you can do it ~Pizza
  7. iPizza

    99 Firemaking!

    Hmm about 1k an hour If you stick to it, and thanks :/ Ty :/ Ty :/ Ty... Urm all the ashes kinda gone :) Ty, tbh, I didn't really have the patience :/ Ty, and I agree with you on "burning money". I got a Guthan Spear from Barrows and practically burnt that from 96-99 ~Pizza
  8. iPizza

    99 Firemaking!

    Thanks :) Lol, it took me quite a while because I kept taking breaks... Thanks :/ Lol, idk... ~Pizza
  9. iPizza

    99 Firemaking!

    Thanks, lol I'm loving having two capes and both trimmed :/ ~Pizza
  10. iPizza

    99 Firemaking!

    Thanks mate Gratz on 99 Ranged :/ ~Pizza :/ Thanks :) Changed pic now :/ ~Pizza :/
  11. iPizza

    99 Firemaking!

    Thanks Good luck with your goals. ~Pizza :)
  12. iPizza

    99 Firemaking!

    Omg :) Look at me now :/ I'd like to thank all my friends who came and everyone from Mad Papper's chat for supporting me all the way to that final fire. :/ ~Pizza
  13. Hey mate its me (Jamesworthy1), Nice log! Gl with 99 Range!! ~Pizza :D
  14. iPizza

    More New Guides!

    Oo, nice guides, great work guys :s ~Pizza :P
  15. iPizza

    Runescape Server Troubles

    Woop we back on, panic over ^_^ I think ~Pizza

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