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  1. Merch Gwyar

    Runescape 2007: Back to the Beginning of it All

    Love you too. <3
  2. Merch Gwyar

    Runescape 2007: Back to the Beginning of it All

    You can in the friend's chat in 2013, which is what we were advising. But that requires someone to stay in 2013 to tell people to do that. Right now, those who joined since the most recent iteration of clan chats only know to click on Canting. They never typed Merch Gwyar into a friend's chat in their lives.
  3. Merch Gwyar

    So It's 2007....

    <3 to you all.
  4. Merch Gwyar

    Oh sweet, Zaros guide's on the RS community round up

    Oh wow! Congratulations! Fame at last!
  5. Merch Gwyar

    Jagex Glassdoor Reviews

    Is anyone else reading with interest the reviews of Jagex on Glassdoor? While I'm well aware that it's most likely the disaffected and unhappy who write on such sites, it does make fascinating reading. And it confirms all that we've been thinking about the input of Insight Venture Partners.
  6. Merch Gwyar

    Canting! We Need You!

    I've just received a message from MsClick. We need just four more people to pass through the doors of the citadel before the reset, in order to upgrade. The work is done. It's just a head count now. Run! Run! Please run! There's a loom upgrade resting on this! *blows kisses into the wake of Canters* Thanks!
  7. Merch Gwyar

    Canting Meeting: October 25th 2012

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lvctD6-8M54 Thank you very much for recording it, Lightarrow88!
  8. Merch Gwyar

    Canting! We Need You!

    <3 Thanks. <3
  9. Merch Gwyar

    Vivathia's Say

    Towards the end of last month, two players were permanently banned from Runescape. They had not broken any rules. When I first heard this story, I reacted like I guess that most of you are reacting right now. 'Yeah, yeah, they must have done something! Botting? RWT?' I've seen screen-shots of their ban logs. Fargrist and Vivathia were both manually removed from the game, no reason given. They naturally appealed. Their appeals were rejected within hours. No evidence supplied. Still no reason given. Of course, we can all jump to one massive conclusion. Fargrist has been very vocal in his criticism of Squeal of Fortune. He orchestrated one of the biggest and most eloquently debated anti-SoF threads on the RSOF. It was called Tick Tock Jagex and only died with it reached max. posts. He also went to a national newspaper, the UK Gambling commission and other external people to express his views about SoF. He came to me. But what about Vivathia? She did nothing but marry the man. She even used SoF on a regular basis, albeit only the free spins. She lost her account and we can only assume that it's through association. I've agreed to allow Vivathia to tell her side of the story through my blog, as she has none of her own. Fargrist has just started one, which will be used as a back-up for the Tick Tock Jagex thread and other public documents. It includes their copy of Vivathia's Say. What follows might look like a candidate for tl:dr. But I urge you to do so. It's a very moving testimony, straight from this lady's heart. Over to Vivathia. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you for allowing me my own Opinion (rant).. yes I even rant at my husband (aka Fargrist) As you know by now I'm his other half, Vivathia.. the long suffering wife.. ok, well I don't suffer that much, I just make sure I nod in the right places, I've sat here for.. I'm not too sure how long, my minds a blank when it comes to anything SoF related, and I've listened to my husband discuss it (this is the part where I nod in the right places) I'm neither against, nor for SoF.. heck, I take my free spins and run with it, it's got me a level here and there and it's got me a nice shiny new outfit too. But my husband feels strongly about it and I happily (but silently) back him for his own beliefs, but do my own thing regardless. But, it seems that due to my association with Fargrist's account, my account has been banned, association through the same credit card used to pay for membership. I really don't know what makes me mad, I can admit to feeling mad at the man behind Farg for pushing this SoF thing, my main thought when he got banned was, "what about me?" (Disclaimer, they didn't give a reason as to why we got banned, so I can only assume why he got banned and the reason I got banned was the association with him) I'm more than mad, I was really upset, heck I got upset when way way back when I first started and I got trade scammed and I bought a mith pickaxe instead of a rune for 25K + my adamant pickaxe, when the guy did a last minute swap in the trade window without me noticing, I did the usual I'm not playing, but Farg went out and worked hard mining gold ore to make that money so he could buy me a rune pickaxe and cheered me up. So I am very upset at the fact that I've lost my whole account. I had some great times and have some really good memories from the people I met in game, be it having been a brief meeting or something that became more of a long term friendship. So, my point of view is just as important as fargrists and my anger is directed to the fact I've never voiced a like or dislike about SoF, Fargs side of his banning is very much SoF related, mine, I wish I knew. how I feel, I've played this game for 8 years with my husband, our skills are pretty similar here and there, we've worked(skilled) together, we've helped each other out, one helping the other out with one skill as the other helps with another.. there hasn't been one quest done where we haven't done it together, we've individually solved quest problems helped the other out where and when needed during quests, we've stood and watched during big fights should one of us die. I've never botted, never swore, never scammed or done anything against jagex rules and conditions.. it's not in me even if the above was allowed, I like fair play, I like a reason to play, to work hard for the rewards of all I put into it, I don't care about having the most cash or items in game.. you only have to look into my bank to see that. For me it was the content of the game, the skills and quests, mini game and every other reason that makes a game interesting to me, including a shared gaming interest with my husband in which we've laughed over many silly incidents, more so when he accidentally attacks me in the wildy or so he tells me that is was only an accident, or he's escorted me to places I don't like and I die anywhere and I get to blame him. The game meant a lot to me, for the laughs and teasings we had over it, I have so many stories to tell of the adventures Vivathia and Fargrist had, people will roll their eyes at and probably not find amusing, but it's stuff we still do laugh about. So many "do you remember when's" gone for and with no reason. This whole incident has really take away a lot from me because of their treatment and the loss of my respect in the company that took over a game I once used to enjoy playing. I feel shocked at jagex company for their lack of caring, my appeal denied by an automated reply.. my ban status updated with "appeal denied". No one has read my appeal, no one has told me the reason I was banned, I know no one will, I'm happy for this to go to court, For me its not about SoF, but about getting my account back, I'm 99.9% sure I wont ever play Runescape again, I'm 100% sure I wont if Fargrist doesn't get his account back because it wont be the same playing without him.. but that's a different Story. I still want my account back because it has nothing but an immaculate record of fair play and I'm prepared to fight for that. I can only think Jagex assumes we're a couple of kids who wont make a fuss, rather than a middle aged married couple, one of us *points at Fargrist* being hot headed enough to take it as far as he can.
  10. Merch Gwyar

    Vivathia's Say

    Of course. See you there!
  11. Merch Gwyar

    Vivathia's Say

    I psychicly realized that you would post, so ensured that I'd turn up two mins later to blow a kiss. *blows more kisses to those whose psychic messages arrived while I was too distracted elsewhere*
  12. Merch Gwyar

    Hiscores October 1st 2012

    I've barely stepped foot in Runescape this past couple of months. I do miss the Canting gang, and I do feel guilty about not pulling my weight in the citadel. But every time I log in, I see that Squeal of Fortune crap appear. It reminds me of all who left. It reminds me that this game is no longer a reasonably level playing field. It strips away all that I loved about Gielinor. It does not put me in a great frame of mind to just carry on regardless. Terraria is much less stressful. However, I did nip in briefly a couple of nights ago. A friend of mine is a brilliant IRL crafter. When I saw what she could produce, my mind flipped over to my long-standing desire to have my in-game hat in the real world. It would do for Runefest etc, but it would also do for Glastonbury (zOMG! I have my tickets! *hysterical scream of happiness!*), going out in the sunshine, doing the housework, making cups of tea, going to bed... She agreed to show me how to make a Canifis hat! MFI and I went in-game to get some screenshots for her and this is the result. Wish me luck as I embark upon IRL Crafting levels. I've never felted a thing in my life before, so I'll need it! PS Logging in told me that Jagex had randomly just given me 700k xp in a lamp. I have no idea why. Just for being the last person around too lazy to cancel her subscription, I'm guessing. Dunno what I'll use it on. I just left it in my bag.
  13. Merch Gwyar

    Hiscores October 1st 2012

    Teacuptime - A reminder of how the game used to be might be just the ticket right now. I'm so tired. Helm - Awww! {{{hugs}}}} Yes, MFI and Daz both gave me the head's up that Jad is there for the taking now. It feels like cheating. :/ Egg - That's precisely how i feel, though it's annoying too, because I've proved that I can't kill Jad without these freebies.
  14. Merch Gwyar

    Hiscores October 1st 2012

    Awww! {{{{Respirte}}}}} <3
  15. Merch Gwyar

    The TRUTH About Calanon and MFI

    I've met them now and they are both ridiculously tall. They are also a lot younger than you imagine, when you are canting with them on the interwebz. I'm with them in a city centre, typing on a Mac in an Apple Store. Testing complete.
  16. Merch Gwyar

    The TRUTH About Calanon and MFI

    I updated MAH BLAWG! :D Oh dear... yes, that is embarrassing for the both of us...
  17. Merch Gwyar

    Hiscores October 1st 2012

    I miss you lot too. I just wish that Runescape would be back to being stress free, because IRL is too stressful. :( Daz was here the other night and we were having a conversation via him though!
  18. Merch Gwyar

    Mini meetup

    It was more what happened when we left the Apple Store and went outside...
  19. Merch Gwyar

    The TRUTH About Calanon and MFI

    Calanon was going to visit MFI, and they invited me to join them. It rained, profusely. But it was wonderful to actually see them in person. I naturally gave them lectures about meeting people off the internet. And yes, the world IS full of very tall people. It's increasingly full of young people too. Many, many more young people than when I was their age. >.> No need to sing 'Diane'. I already warned them about such things, especially when they both got into my car. I did tell them that I was a serial killer. They laughed.
  20. Merch Gwyar

    Mini meetup

    Yes, it was! Though I'm still drying out...
  21. Merch Gwyar

    The Two Empires

    Any Irish here? Wales wants to have a chat. *gets my Boudicca face on*
  22. Merch Gwyar

    Blog RSS Logo

    Hiya, I've been chatting with Bhagpuss on his blog (external to Sal's). He had some feedback about the RSS logo on our blogs here. I said that I'd let you know about it. Said logo looks quite distinct to me. I'm on a PC running Firefox. yours Merch xxxxx
  23. Another good man left Runescape today. In reality, it's not the day that Egghebrecht walked out - that was when Squeal of Fortune was introduced to the game - it's merely the moment when his membership finally ran out. You can read all about it, in his words, over on his blog. So many people going. Their names are in danger of merging together, a list on a memorial board, while new players rush into the breech never knowing that Runescape was once a game that we enjoyed and had fun in. A stress relief. A social gathering. A place to have pride in our own achievements, based on the merits of our play. One of the few places left on Earth where hard work meant something (if only in pixels), rather than the weight of your wallet. I hate microtransactions. I hate Squeal of Fortune. I hate the endless goodbyes and the bam, bam, bam erosion of all we built. So let's not forget those who have stuck to their principles and laid down their swords. Who's gone now? No-one at Sal's needs an introduction to Egghebrecht. I'm writing this largely for whoever else may be reading. Egg has a heart as big as his community spirit. I doubt there is anyone in his orbit who hasn't, at one time or another, borrowed his Bandos or his Godsword or whatever other weapon may be needed. I've known him log on especially to loan these things out. Last year, Jagex was all about clan building. Egg was that ethos personified. He was in at least two clans to my knowledge, keeping up with both concurrently. No event was too small for him to show his face. No player too noobish not to gain his support. But most of all, his humour kept those clan chats laughing. No matter how bad my day, I always cheered as he typed 'hello', or, in his case, 'bump'. But what most will remember of this remarkable player was his ever patient insight into (legally) making money within the game. I was able to afford 90% of my expensive things by following his advice. I learned to do things like look after my kingdom to its full advantage; buy battlestaves; and use my gp to generate more gp, instead of letting it fester in the bank. No need for fast-track spins of game-breaking squeals, when you had Egg's research, calculator and tips to hand. He made it more fun. He even tricked me into enjoying maths on occasion; because it was in the context of Runescape, I hadn't realised that it was maths. He represented Sal's Realm in the hidden forums, letting our voices be heard there. We owe him that debt. It is players like Egghebrecht who are leaving now. What future can Runescape have on the other side of the SoF updates? None that I'm too keen to see. Goodbye from Gielinor, cariad. You'll be sorely missed by those who remember what this game was and what kind of players it lost to greed.
  24. Merch Gwyar


    That was such a lovely blog entry. I'm remembering the good times now too. <3
  25. Merch Gwyar

    Forums Back Online...

    I love the new look forum! Well done to all concerned. And welcome back, Dani! {{{{cyber hugs}}}} PS Does anyone know how to stop staring at Dani's moon/Earth signature thing?

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