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  1. Merch Gwyar

    Solomon's General Store

    I haven't seen any survey. Did it just pop up? And what was the SoF question?
  2. Merch Gwyar

    What is a Psychic Supper?

    Ah! It all becomes clear with a bit of research! Nice deduction and detective work there both. Though I am a little disappointed that it wasn't magical food...
  3. Merch Gwyar

    What is a Psychic Supper?

    My friend and I are considering going to Tutbury Castle. I went onto their website to have a look and got side-tracked into their ghost-hunts. They offer a 2 course, home-cooked psychic supper, which has me intrigued. What is a psychic supper? Do they telepathically guess what you want to eat? Does your food tell your fortune while you nom it? I can't even work out what they were trying to say! LOL
  4. Merch Gwyar

    Woman sues Bieber over hearing loss

    This is giving me ideas. I went deaf probably through something hereditary. That's it! I'm suing my genes! Anyone want to be my lawyer?
  5. Merch Gwyar

    Solomon's General Store

    I've just waffled at length with what I have to say about it. The TL;DR is that I think they've put this in so that they can take SoF out. We'll all be so grateful that we'll embrace Solomon as the lesser of two evils. Thus micro-transactions jack-boots into the game almost with our blessing.
  6. Merch Gwyar

    Mod Poppy Leaving Jagex

    It was with great sadness that I learned today that Mod Poppy has left Jagex. I appear to be a couple of days behind the news, but thank you to Tasoansteel for letting me know. I was genuinely shocked when I found out about this. I've met Poppy three times now and, on each occasion, her love and enthusiasm for the company seemed boundless. She really appeared to love her job; and that feeling was infectious. Even when I was mid-rant and furious with the direction Jagex had chosen to undertake, Poppy could calm it down. She made me remember all I did like about Runecape. She caused me to look more kindly at it all. I've seen her do that a million times with other players too, on the forums or in person. That was just her positive personality, bubbly and wry in equal measure. Of course no-one can say whether she jumped or was pushed, but I do know that Jagex lost a key communicator here. Someone with the 'common touch', who really did make the players feel like a JMod was listening. Her Twitter and Facebook accounts are swamped with messages from well wishers. I'm glad to see that. I do rate the Grrrl as one of the decent ones. I also strongly suspect that she's being inundated with people asking for information, which she cannot divulge. I ask you all to back away from that. I know what it's like to have to keep quiet, when good friends are desperately trying to find things out. You feel like you've betrayed some great and noble cause; but there is nothing that you can do about it. We haven't all the courage of Bradley Manning, especially when the information isn't a matter of life and death. In the few times that I've chatted or observed Poppy in real life, I've been struck by her kindness and compassion. Mod SteveW talks about her charity work (p 41). I don't know anything about that, but it doesn't surprise me. I've watched her pick up paralytic gamers and ensure that they've been safely dispatched to their beds. I've been the recipient of an unscheduled tour of Jagex Studios, after the official one was done. Mod Poppy did that, because she thought it a shame I hadn't seen it. She always appeared to me to genuinely care about the people in her orbit. But most of all, Poppy is fun. She has a wonderful sense of humour and an unending capacity to party. That, I think, is what I'll remember most about her, if that was the last meeting. I really hope that it won't be though. She feels like a keeper. Good luck in all that your future holds, cariad. Like the early '90s were never over.
  7. Merch Gwyar

    Mod Poppy Leaving Jagex

    Come to one of the Runefest (unofficial) meet ups then. <3
  8. Merch Gwyar

    Relationship Advice

    Who was the blogger who used to (possibly still does) give advice on relationships? I've got one for him here. You probably all know by now that I'm writing loads of articles over on Wizzley. As part of that, I have an analytics program which, amongst other things, tells me what people have typed into search engines to find my stuff. I was looking through it earlier, when one question leapt out at me. I based a whole article on it. I'd be grateful if you'd read the query and add your thoughts to the duel box below it. I've no way of knowing if the individual will come back or ever read it. But if they did, it would be nice if the advice was sitting there waiting for them. I've linked you halfway down the article, where the relevant question is asked. If you want more context, then scroll up from it. It tells you more than you probably ever needed to know. Update: I can't really respond on a duel comment (though I could in the comments at the bottom of the article), so I'll do it here: Kamil - The advice that you left is amazing! I absolutely agree 100%. Thank you for sharing your wisdom there. Tabt - That is such brilliant advice! Yes, it would open the way to more conversations! Tasoansteel - Your response made me cheer. All we need is love indeed!
  9. Merch Gwyar

    Relationship Advice

    Tasoansteel - Awww! Thank you! The golden mind thing sounds fascinating. Coss - You're all good. I'd have mentioned it or stepped out if I was struggling to hear. Xx3070 - I'm glad you enjoyed it! Any plans to come back to Britain in the future? Sregit - I'm especially glad that I wrote those articles now, if they're helping you understand your son's world. <3 It's a hard call on the struggles. When you know that others are enjoying the background noise, it's much easier to slink away and disappear into your own world. The issue then becomes one of self-esteem. People not valuing your conversation or presence enough to want you to hear. You're right about the age thing. I wish I knew more about the person who entered that search term. Awww! Thank you for your kind words. I'm blushing now. <3 Mr Fang - Thank you very much. It's a wonderful comment too. <3 Admiral - LOL!
  10. Merch Gwyar

    A few more levels and 2 new goals

    Congrats and good luck with the rest. I've also noticed that other beta testers are getting all of their Dungeoneering levels in before September, due to the impossibility of tanking dungeons with only one sort of weapon.
  11. Merch Gwyar

    Relationship Advice

    Then I hope that he sees this too. I'm sure that we'll all benefit from his addition to the duel comment box there.
  12. Merch Gwyar

    Merch Gwyar

    Thank you very much!
  13. Merch Gwyar

    ACTA Defeated

    WOW! How the fudge did I miss this?! I've been following it since it was a little baby treaty and the internet was a long way from being on strike. Then somehow missed the final act. -.- I'm so proud! And congratulations too! Please pass on my heart-felt thanks to everyone who fought from your end.
  14. Merch Gwyar

    Vanstrom is dead! Vivat Myreque!

    Wow! Congratulations! Vanstrom is a really hard fight, so you should be proud of yourself.
  15. Merch Gwyar

    5 years

    So you were four when you joined Sal's? :o
  16. Merch Gwyar

    credit card stolen

    I struggle.
  17. Merch Gwyar

    bedazzled by JaGeX twice in 10 minutes.

    Oh Guthix! Is that going to pop up if I log on too? ;/
  18. Merch Gwyar

    Canting Beats Sal's Realm (Again)

    Canting Away met Sal's Realm of Runescape in Soul Wars today. Naturally Canting emerged victorious! Thank you very much for those players on both sides, who came to join in. I do love my clan! I love the healthy mix of terrifying fighters and laid-back skillers, which lead to comments like these: I'm soooo ferocious that I will hold my meetings in the cooking guild and delay preparing for the fight, because I'm too busy cooking sardines after strange stones! Rawr! All skilling done, it was off to Soul Wars in world 71. Plenty of people were milling about the place, which made me nervous. I thought they were all Sal's people. Unfortunately, it turned out that they were random skillers using the one click bank. While a dozen Canters amassed, there were only two or three members of Sal's Realm there! Canting Away ready to take on the hordes of Sal's, but... Yes, Helm, we soooo can have that on the record! In the end, Luftwaffe swapped sides, just so we could get this party moving. So yes, a Canting member was over there! Later on, it transpired that some other strangers were there too. They weren't anything to do with Canting. I can only surmise that they had been in the Soul Wars lobby and just joined in. Apparently they were trolling Sal's members. If that had been someone from Canting, then I'd have have Stern Words. The only true Canter fighting for Sal's was Luftwaffe and he did attack us. I know because the git nearly killed me once! It was a fun fight in Soul Wars. For a while it seems that Sal's were going to win. They had our avatar down to 24%. I went on Operation Collect Bones and managed to knock the slayer level up to 95. That 24% didn't get any lower after that. Meanwhile, our lot were fighting all over the world. I've never seen the areas change hands so often. Finally Oldmaroon ran by telling me to get to their avatar. It was nearly dead! I legged it all the way there, only to be viciously slaughtered by MFI and Sellador within sniffing distance of the avatar. ;_; It was no matter though, because the rest of Canting was up there and the Sal's avatar was finally dead. Woot! We managed to keep it like that until the end. Canting 1 - Sal's 0! Canting immediately rushed back into the blue waiting area, only to discover half of Sal's in there with us. LOL It soon became obvious that a rematch wasn't going to happen. With the reputation of Sal's Realm trampled firmly into that accursed soil, we relocated to Fight Pits. Being one on one, I only lasted to the final two or three because I wasn't much of a challenge to kill (and I hid a lot). I did manage to win one Fight Pits round! Though to be fair, there was only Warlock left and he 'accidentally' took off all of his armour, recalled his familiar and forgot to hit me back. He even tipped me off that I was using the wrong prayer. -.- But who cares?! I won Fight Pits! Once again, thank you all who came to defend the honour of our respective clans. That was a lot of fun! And a particular thanks to Sellador (for Sal's) and Warlock (for Canting), who organized it all.
  19. Merch Gwyar

    Canting Beats Sal's Realm (Again)

    Welcome back into the fold! :D
  20. Merch Gwyar

    The end

    Adieu, sweet prince.
  21. Merch Gwyar

    Canting Beats Sal's Realm (Again)

    Then we should get at least one event in before September that you can join in with. Give us a time and see how we go.
  22. Merch Gwyar

    Everything is Pretty Swell

    It's great to hear from you! I'm glad that you and your luggage are reunited and that it's all going well. Looking forward to getting a full report when you're back.
  23. > : ( Anyway, as expected, Canting did wipe the floor with Sal's Realm. My report on it is here.
  24. Merch Gwyar

    Canting Beats Sal's Realm (Again)

    Sregit - Yes! We should! Bwauder - Awww. :( What would be a better time for you?
  25. Merch Gwyar

    Canting Beats Sal's Realm (Again)

    Sellador was there though. I emptied loads of arrows into him at one point. Ok, he then finished killing Warlock and turned around to kill me, but that's not the point.

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