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  1. Merch Gwyar

    No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

    Yes, I was very well looked after. <3 I've picked Radio Silence up from Tabt. She's a trend-setter!
  2. Merch Gwyar

    No More Radio Silence: My Jagex Trip

    It was very politely made clear to me that we wouldn't be discussing it.
  3. Musing on to what extent lines are ever read between.

    1. Helm Lardar

      Helm Lardar

      When you read between the lines, aren't you just reading the line of negative space?

    2. Tabt


      I'm assuming this has something to do with her most recent blog entry


  4. Merch Gwyar


    100% British with some Irish Gaelic and some Scottish Gaelic. And 100% crap at maths.
  5. I'm barely in game these days, but if that doesn't matter, I'll help you beta.
  6. Merch Gwyar

    Santafish.org Offline

    Do it! Do it! Sal's in the Age of SoF: ¡Viva la Revolución! - The Salcast Version.
  7. Merch Gwyar

    Sal's Realm Declaration of Intent

    Wow! I missed this at the time; but I'm reading it with tears in my eyes now. I'm so proud to be a member of Sal's Realm right now. You were always my Runescape home on the internet, but this goes above and beyond. Sal, you know that I stand right behind you on this one. Wow. Thank you for making our stand, even if I was too distracted to spot it straight out. {{{{{{{{{hugs the whole lot of you}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}
  8. Merch Gwyar

    Pictures from Fred's Leaving Party

    That's the remaining people crying after Fred logged out. Sorry I didn't get everyone on this! I was too busy helping set, then stamping on balloons while we were all there. Then only started taking proper party pics after most of Canting had left! We did get a star turn-out though. Spirit of RS turned up to say goodbye to Fred in person. Spirit of RS is one of Runescape's most passionate player defenders on the RSOF.
  9. Merch Gwyar

    Back from Brittain

    I'm so sorry about it all. :D I'm glad that you had fun here. You covered a lot of ground! You were nowhere near me though. :( Next time you come, we'll have to meet for tea.
  10. Fred Gwyar is leaving Runescape. For more details look here. His party is happening in 10 minutes from now (4.25pm GMT), in Fally Party Room, world 88. Come along!
  11. Merch Gwyar

    The Thin Blue Line

    I'm glad that Mod Serb was able to sort you out. Sounds like there's some glitches going on with auto-mute.
  12. Merch Gwyar

    Lowering the bar

    Really nice analysis. I am enjoying your blogs.
  13. Merch Gwyar

    From: Squeal of Fortune Feedback Response

    It's the changing ethos that's got me so incensed too.
  14. I'm obviously going after those three at level 90, though it's a long haul as I'm not playing so much at the moment. Real life keeps happening to me. The obvious way forward is to do Slayer until I get 91 in Defence, Strength and Attack. As Slayer is the next one up, that will tick four boxes. Beyond that, I'm not sure where to put things like Penguin Points. Summoning or Slayer are both favourites. You might have spotted that I'm finally closing in on my first 99. I half don't want to! LOL I know that sounds silly (because it is), but I've spent so many years not getting 99s, that the proximity of one is just weird. At this point, it's actually more of a challenge not to have a skillcape (beyond the Quest Cape, obviously), which is what makes it fun. Plus I'd miss out on the quiet amusement of incredulous people gasping out, 'How have you not got 99?!' :D I achieved 98 Construction when Fred met me in the Enchanted Valley. He'd been preparing his bank for F2P and there was an effigy there requiring 97 Construction. I'm his woman there! So we stood amongst the centaurs and butterflies and I got my level assisting him. LOL! I hadn't noticed the white rabbit watching. Win! On so many different levels...
  15. On May 6th 2012, at 4pm GMT, all members of Canting Away are cordially invited to come to the Canting citadel. It's Fred Gwyar's leaving party and it will include around 30m gp worth of drops too. Not just Canting, but Gielinor itself is losing a very good man here. I doubt that there is anyone in our clan, who hasn't benefited from his good heart over the years. No gravestone left unblessed; no losses suffered without his generosity in gifts and a consoling word; no battling into unknown lands with scary monsters, without him offering to walk alongside. And I'm not just talking in-game here. His gallantry never ended with the log-off screen. So what went so wrong here? He loves this game. Over 5000 hours of his life has gone into it and many close friends are waiting to play it with him. He's worked his way slowly through so many levels, including his pride and joy - 99 Slayer and that wonderful cape. Then he watched another player get 99 Slayer in just two weeks, having bought enough tickets on Squeal of Fortune to achieve it in XP lamps. Things like that devalue achievements. The hours which fed into Fred's Slayer cape suddenly felt cheap. Worst still was that slap which reversed the ethos so long held at Jagex. We'd been sold out for a quick buck on Wall Street. No more level playing fields. The real world rich kids got it all on a plate. It was this bitter taste in the mouth which forced Fred's hand. The words of protest on the forums went unheeded. As the days of no response turned into weeks; and, in the face of all that, yet more additions were made to Squeal of Fortune, he cancelled his membership. No more screaming into the void, but voting with his wallet. And that has broken a lot of hearts. Fred and I spent a couple of hours yesterday, just sitting chatting and remembering all of those years. We've both been in the game for a long time, building our characters. The Enchanted Valley is a great place to sit in memories. The nostalgia is all around. Hit a tree and the tree spirit comes. Try fishing and prepare to face a river troll. This is where the old randoms came to live out their days. And where old players come to say goodbye. But goodbye isn't necessarily farewell and sayonara. He thinks that he gave me gifts. He actually gave me part of his bank to look after until he can come back. I won't give up hope that the blasted goblin will go away and Fred will feel happy coming back. After all, this is where his clan is; and his on-line home. Next week is when that clan will meet to honour our sweet prince. Canting Citadel, May 6th, 4pm. It'll be four days before his membership runs out and he'll disappear into whatever exists beyond the log off screen. And we'll miss him dreadfully.
  16. Merch Gwyar

    Squeal of Fortune Feedback Response

    Words. Finally. Fail.
  17. Merch Gwyar

    Merch Silenced by Jagex?

    It's not yet on the internetz, but I'm working on it. Just need to be fair to all.
  18. Merch Gwyar

    Merch Silenced by Jagex?

    Yes I have.
  19. Merch Gwyar

    Merch Silenced by Jagex?

    I'm doing my best, I promise.
  20. Merch Gwyar

    Wild Weekends

    My Sarcasm Detector keeps going off. What's causing it? *looks around*
  21. Merch Gwyar

    Jagex ownership structure - what it means

    Don't forget that The Jagex Group was registered in December 2011. That could mean a broadening of horizons, along the lines of what happened with Quest Software. Just adding it into the mix. Nice work here. I wish I knew what was going to happen too.
  22. Merch Gwyar

    What is Syd Saying?

    Some of you know that I'm partially deaf; the rest of you know now. Sooo with that in mind, can any of you listen to something for me and finally put me out of my misery? What does Syd say from around minute 2 until the end? It's the long speaking part over the guitar. Thanks in advance.
  23. Merch Gwyar

    Hiscores at the Beginning of May 2012

    I hadn't thought of that, but that is so what I'm going to do! It'll probably be getting every to the next million or something.
  24. Merch Gwyar

    What is Syd Saying?

    Erebus - That's all I was getting too. Thanks for looking! Lonely - I did, but all I found were the lyrics to the first couple of minutes. (And incidentally, I've always thought it was, 'We all fall, awful crawl', not 'awful, awful crawl'. All Fall and awful are pronounced the same though!) Benno - Ah! It all comes together! :D Crazyfoxxy - WOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much! and forever
  25. Merch Gwyar

    What is Syd Saying?

    O.O Orly? Ok, now I'm both deaf and scared of the voices in my head! :P

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