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  1. That was one of the most exciting Runescape moments ever! I've also since watched it back and it certainly did put a different spin on it. Remember that we were watching from our Skype call, because MFI was typing hello to us in the background of the Runeshark livestream. It was funny. But we weren't listening to it. We were listening to each other.


    Watching it back, with James's dialogue, I could see the high drama that played out for the live audience at the time. We didn't share that, because we knew the second MFI picked the stuff up. We also knew that he was going to return it. We equally heard his frustration when he got the random (Giles), because that delayed giving back the whip. That was going to be his big finale!


    But it was that anyway. That was insane! With lots of well deserved acclaim. <3

  2. I strongly endorse this. Bradley Manning is a hero of our time, willing to devote his life to his ideals. In 20, 30, 40 years time, he will be spoken about in the same breath as Nelson Mandela, Rosa Parks and all the rest.


    I hope he does get the Nobel Peace Prize, though I doubt it will be allowed. He deserves it for his outstanding courage. If we had more like him, then we wouldn't need anyone like him.

  3. Ok, I've changed it to 'those who prefer the 2013 model'.


    To my mind, it is flawed, as it's riddled with micro-transactions. I played Runescape because there was a level playing field. It made a wonderful change from real life, which most certainly is not. Nostalgia is a huge thing, but the main draw is that it's fun. I worked on the main account when it was fun, then stopped when it wasn't. The 2007 account is now fun, so I'm working on that. You're in 2013 because that's fun to you. We're playing a game, so fun and entertainment should be the key ingredients. We should go wherever they can be found.


    We're all chatting in the Merch Gwyar friends chat, so you could play 2013 and still interact with us all. It would just be like having loads of noobs in your presence as we all level up from scratch.


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