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  1. Things I learned today: Gweiddi lliw yr wy! Or 'call the colour of the egg!' in Welsh.

    1. Guitarguy


      Because we don't need vowels.

    2. Merch Gwyar

      Merch Gwyar

      I'd take notes. You never know when that phrase will be useful in BA. :)

    3. Guitarguy


      Yes I do. On Easter!

      I'll thusly procrastinate from learning that phrase until 364 days from now.

  2. Six years ago today, I ventured into Sal's forum for the very first time. :D

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    2. Phoenix Rider

      Phoenix Rider

      No one ever leaves. those that do...ARE NEVER HEARD FROM AGAIN.

    3. Yuanrang


      ..and this, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, is why we should have left Admin Validation on in those days so we could have kept the barbarians away..! :aware:

    4. Arianna


      Isn't Merch Welsh? Technically, she _is_ a barbarian

  3. Sal is a legend! :D

    1. nazgulwing


      and a man and a myth

    2. Salmoneus


      What did I do this time?? Do I have something in my teeth?

  4. Sings: "We'll keep a welcome on the hillsides..."

  5. On my holidays tomorrow. I r excite!!!!

  6. Musing on to what extent lines are ever read between.

    1. Helm Lardar

      Helm Lardar

      When you read between the lines, aren't you just reading the line of negative space?

    2. Tabt


      I'm assuming this has something to do with her most recent blog entry


  7. Sun's just set. Happy Beltane to all of the Pagans out there!

  8. Sun's just set. Happy Beltane to all of the Pagans out there!

    1. Whiskas


      Isn't Beltane a Gaelic Pagan holiday

  9. Happy birthday, Tabt!

    1. Tabt


      ty Merchy! <3


  10. I can has Sal's Veteran Cape pl0x! I've been here 5 years. Sal PMed me to say so.

    1. O hai im KAMIL

      O hai im KAMIL

      25th of April and I shall get my own love letter from Sal himself

    2. Aabid


      You can come collect that from me. Will cost only Full Bandos.

  11. Wishing Calanon a very, very lovely birthday. <3

    1. Sofee


      This, happy b'day old one <3

    2. Aabid


      Who is that? :D

  12. I didn't know there was a status thing up here. :o

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    2. Merch Gwyar
    3. Aabid
    4. Admiral


      Oh yes, I use it to spew out random sayings that even would be considered spam even in the blogs


      its quite good


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