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  1. Own Username

    Monitor Connection

    Compatibility issues with video card and monitor I am guessing.. first time I ever encountered this. Edit: There are relations to the graphic card you are using. I suggest you take it to the computer shop for evaluations. And I hate those idiots who all yearning for Tech support by giving foolish singular suggestions in their posts because they know nothing else. Like "Check the computer manual" or "check the wires!".
  2. Own Username

    My Parents Are Strict?

    What I meant is that the topic poster should not seek refugee online. No, stating my opinion and the truth isn't going to get myself banned. And what I meant by "next three years" is, the world is getting more dependent on Computers. Most of my homeworks are done on Word processors and sent to the teacher by email. Don't hate me over it, the topic poster needs to get a grip on himself.
  3. Own Username

    Which Is Processors Better?

    Yeah, Thats what I have. Its great, I don't I have lagged on my Pc yet with it. Redefine lag. What were you doing?
  4. Goes to show how certain religions can make people go crazy.
  5. Own Username

    My Parents Are Strict?

    Your a fool. Quit RuneScape, Quit Sals, they are not worth dying for. And no1 is ever going to live without a computer for the next 3 years, take their threat lightly.
  6. Own Username

    Wierd Internet

    1. Check your CAT cable(Cabling running to your computer, from the router) 2. Check your router log for any unsual activity I.E.(Tons of incoming traffic) 3. ^ If all are fine, switch browsers(Preferbly firefox/opera) 4. Disable http scanning on firewalls(Your anti virus/firewall installed on your computer), network sniffers. 5. Check connection cables leading to your modem(Unlikely since you said your father's computer is alright) 6. ^ Still doesn't work, I suggest contacting your ISP
  7. Own Username

    Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

    Yet you murdered Jesus
  8. Discuss. Chicken have wings.. they could fly across the road, no?
  9. Own Username

    Worst Way To Die

    Reading this topic from start to finish.
  10. Own Username

    Bounty Hunter Guide

    Instead of criticizing how the guide is bad, try to actaully make it better ok? Your post is spam and if your blind or something which I really doubt, you would have noticed that it clearly states that this guide is 55% or less done meaning he needs help finishing it up. Next time think before you post. ~Hybrid P.S. Donzie I'll try to finish up the "Your Ranks and Other Information" information byMonday Ok? I have contributed, by saying how his guide sucked. Please do not direct any more comment at me. I have a weak heart.
  11. Own Username

    Bounty Hunter Guide

    Lously guide, doesn't state more than the facts of the game. Try harder next time.
  12. Own Username

    Which Is Processors Better?

    I did read somewhere.. that AMD is better for gaming while Intel excels at multi-tasking, maybe someone can back/put down my claim xD.
  13. Own Username

    Is The Combat Triangle Outdate?

    The combat triangle is based on.. characters who don't have other combat skills, example: a meleer cannot wear dragon hide
  14. Own Username


    Bluehost, Godaddy http://www.top10webhosting.com/ http://www.web-hosting-top.com/ http://webhostinggeeks.com/ http://www.google.com.sg/search?client=fir...G=Google+Search
  15. Own Username

    Viruses And Re-formatting

    I don't know.. most anti-viruses can't pick up the virus, something is hogging your system down Maybe you should disable certain boot programs, then restart your computer :)

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