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  1. Cookthechef

    Sup Kids?

    Too bad I've been posting in the gfx forums...
  2. Cookthechef

    Order Up.

    Here you go, Sk8. Kemo:
  3. Cookthechef


    Effects are good but I feel like because you have his face so close to the edge the direction is thrown off. It makes to focal point outside the boundaries of the box. Work on placement of the subject and add some more contrast for depth.
  4. Cookthechef

    Mac Os X Dock

    The dock is just very two-dimensional and has a weird reflection. Try simplifying it and not adding so much attention to it.
  5. Cookthechef

    Order Up.

    Here you go Joyful. Sorry it was rushed.
  6. Cookthechef

    Mac Os X Dock

    Unsure what you're asking for. You want to know some suggestions on icons you could make? I would say anything bubbling in your head would be worth giving it a try. It's a pretty good icon, though the dock could use some adjusting.
  7. Cookthechef

    Right Drawing :/

    Practice makes perfect, just keep at it. You'll start getting form down with practice.
  8. Cookthechef

    Some Nooby Questions

    Here you go, big guy: http://ellie-l.deviantart.com/art/Underban...torial-61421930
  9. Cookthechef

    Order Up.

    Someone give me a cool render to work with.
  10. Cookthechef


    It's a good start, try not shoving the render right into the corner because it leaves a lot of empty space on the right. It could do without the text because it's a fairly common/overused font. Other than that if you try using more of a variety of effects other than just the smudge, things could work out pretty well.
  11. Cookthechef


    It's pretty good, no worries on adding text. The effects are are pretty solid, and it has a pretty good flow. Try giving it some more depth though, dark some spots and sharpen other spots. The colors could use some adjusting because the background looks like you set it on Difference and the greens with the red don't mix well. Tip: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E merges all layers into a new layer. Then Filter>Other>High pass. Make it around 2.5-3.0 pixels, then set that layer on overlay. Should sharpen all the major areas, then blur some areas on the corners.
  12. Cookthechef


    Not too bad, try using a ruler to keep those lines a little straighter!
  13. Cookthechef

    Congratulations Two... Three?

    Congratulations guys!
  14. Cookthechef


    There is a more accurate preview.

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