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    runescape. im a catholic(beleive in god) I LOVE SPORTS!!!..Watching it..playing it..I don't Care. I love basketball. My life would be completley different without basketball and without basketball i would've never discovered SALS(teamate showed me). I love watching the NBA and the NFL. I live in Los angeles :D<br /><br /> I love music like rap and r&b..2pac..biggie..all those 90's peeps..mainstream atm..eminem lupe fiasco and drake.<br /><br /> Lakers 3-Peat! :) and Chargers 4 lyphe!!

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    wouldnt you like to know?
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  1. After quitting runescape years ago, I've been feeling nostalgic lately and kind of want to come back to the game(I made an attempt last year but it didn't last more than a month) It seems to me that everyone i talk to says runescape is dying. Why is this? Did Jagex really made updates that made people quit such as the EOC? I'm just curious and I normally don't post here anymore :P ~dizzy
  2. For me, It was just the community aspect that I enjoyed. Being in a clan and 2 scrollsworth(as in scrolling down all the way twice :P) of friends online at all times was amazing. I started playing back in 2006 and been hooked on it all the way until 2010. I enjoyed my first experiences such as seeing varrock for the first time and getting owned by dark wizards. Also I enjoyed how this game didn't require a downloadable client especially because my computer was really bad. These times when I was a noob is what i enjoyed the most. Although i continued playing even after I was a noob and still enjoyed it was because the community here and my friends list kept me enjoying the game. I would log on and always have something new to do everyday whether it would be work on a 99 or make an RSMV for fun. I for one feel like I didn't quit because of the community, I quit because there were other games out there such as WoW, etc. Eventually when I came back everyone quit so I never returned. ~dizzy
  3. dizzy

    Official Wow Thread

    Does anyone have any suggestions for something to do on WoW for someone who is completely bored of it right now? I wanna keep playing but all i do now is just sit in Org. I don't raid a lot anymore with guilds or anything, I would like to start raiding again during MoP however. I didn't sign up for annual pass so no beta or diablo 3 for me :P It doesn't help if your server fails(Nazgrel-US :D) and is completely dead. Most of my old friends from WoW quit or transferred servers so now i am completely bored. There aren't a lot of good guilds on my server either. Any suggestions? Transfer servers? PLEASE DON'T SAY LEVEL AN ALT! :) ~dizzy
  4. dizzy

    Official Wow Thread

    I was expecting it to be MOP but I honestly love how this expansion looks so far, and I really Don't see a problem with No Main Villain. Vanilla didn't have that main bad boy and everyone seemed to be fine with that. I'm honestly tired of expansions where you go somwhere new, kill some dude, Move on to the next expansion. I like how this one is different. The Music is amazing, The zones look amazing. What's also fun about this expansion is that...You have no idea what's over there(well i guess now you do). Something that bothers me is that someone I knew said they were quitting WoW just because Pandaren will be playable. An OPTIONAL race. :( ~dizzy
  5. dizzy

    99 Firemaking Complete! New Goals Set!

    Congratz on 98 FM!! :DD Early- Congratulations on 99 Logburning! :DD ~dizzy
  6. dizzy

    Official Wow Thread

    So does everyone here play on the same realm? or everyone is all seperate. ~dizzy
  7. dizzy

    Official Wow Thread

    Mists of Pandaria Ftw??? :PPP http://www.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/b...sts-of-pandaria
  8. dizzy

    How Was Everyones Saturday Night?

    I went to a Dodger game on saturday (: ~dizzy
  9. dizzy

    Nfl Football

    I don't really watch the Pro Bowl because theres no excitement really and they won't play like they do in a real game really. =S (Never knew this thread existed lol havent been on in awhile) ~dizzy
  10. dizzy

    Official Wow Thread

    yaay 2nd 80! I don't really post much here anymore =P But 2nd 80 =D I'm still a newb haha D: ~dizzy
  11. dizzy

    Starcraft 2

    Yeah i was wondering why nobody was talking about it ahaha The game looks pretty epic ~dizzy
  12. 6/10 *prepared for a low rating due to taking a break from posting in awhile* ~dizzy
  13. dizzy

    Favorite Skill Cape?

    I only got 1 99(cooking.). but my favourite one is prayer :DD <33333 ~dizzy

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