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  1. Yorick

    The Tale Of The Muspah

    "He tells you that he might have an idea how to melt the ice around the armor." Should be 'armour' (This may just be the way non-Americans say it, I'm not sure) "Speak to Erjolf after removing all of the ice and he discovers that it is in fact a frozen monster, not a piece of armor" Again, 'armour' "a statue was found in the Kharidian Desert which had a remarkable" "It has spikes which run down its spine" "that the creature is a Muspah which is a fearsome predator" In all instances there should be a comma before 'which' "similarity to the creature which you described to him" change 'which' to 'that' Also, in all instances in which you use compass bearings, the direction should be capitalised e.g. "Northeast" "West stream" etc. Apart from those minor, nitpicky corrections, your guide is very good! EDIT: Here are those transperancies &
  2. Yorick

    Your Daily Rs Plans?

    Mine's pretty fun 1. Log on 2. Plant kwuarms 3. Fletch/alch for 70 mins 4. Pick kwuarms 5. Repeat 2-4 6. Sell it all 7. Laugh because I have alot of money
  3. Yorick

    Sal's Realm Christmas Party 2008

    ill come to this... not that anyone remembers who i am anymore
  4. Yorick

    What Hair Color Does Yo Momma Have

    My momma is a carrot top, yo.
  5. Yorick

    W1 Riot

    I'll join! haha.
  6. Yorick

    Smoking Kills

    Wow agreed. At least they could have made her look the same quality...
  7. Yorick


    Trippy. Not a one word post.
  8. Yorick

    My Turn To Take Over Sal's

    Lol Dani is actually a bear haha. This is a good fake, nice quality
  9. Yorick

    Drop Pin

    Try reading the whole post before asserting your mod powers, buddy.
  10. I was playing Habbo Hotel (sad, I know) and I teleported into this one room called "Runescape" using that closet thing, and this dude inside said "Do you know Runescape, you should try it out". So I googled it, started playing and have been doing so ever since
  11. Yorick

    News Report

    Write about some sports team that won a game.
  12. Yorick

    Do You Wear Glasses, Contacts, Or None?

    Perfect vision yay.
  13. Yorick

    Game Boy Advance Sp

    I was just wondering, I have this limited edition Legend of Zelda Gameboy SP that I was thinking of selling, how much would I get for it? Apparently only 25,000 were made and were only avaliable in Europe (I got it in Austria). Here's a pic: Any ideas?
  14. Yorick

    Best Overall Shield In Runescape?

    In regards to cost and stats, I think rune defender. But the other sheilds look way better
  15. I tell people I'm killing jellies for slayer tasks but I secretly do it in the hope for clue scrolls.

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