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  1. deadly ponga

    Need More Titles

    yeah some more are added eventhough i am far from getting there maybe if...........
  2. deadly ponga

    Smithing Till I Time Ends Or I Get 99

    good luck with you're goals *wish i was that good*
  3. deadly ponga

    Spanking/ Hitting Children

    i don't realy care if its right or wrong as long as it doesn't get too bad
  4. deadly ponga

    W. M. Ds

    if that happened the world would practicly be destroyed.(and i would feel like killing whoever started a nuclear war)
  5. deadly ponga

    Who Pays?

    the person who asks pays thats wot i think
  6. deadly ponga

    My Poll

    it is not only the American prominent religion but also the prominent religion in other countries for example Germany the Netherlands and Canada
  7. deadly ponga

    Your First Kiss?

    i never kissed a girl yet i plan to do that like atleast 6 years ahead of now maybe more
  8. deadly ponga

    Gender Domination?

    i posted guy there is like a real big difference between the guys and girls
  9. deadly ponga

    Fake Weapons Of Mine

    who said they are p2p?
  10. deadly ponga

    Leave Me Alone!

    its OK not my favorite
  11. deadly ponga

    We Are Fubar!

    good job accept halo fakes are getting boring
  12. deadly ponga

    Watching The Game! X3

    good job i liked it
  13. deadly ponga

    Cheaterguy06 Gallery

    9/10 good job and i liked them all
  14. deadly ponga

    Fake Black (z)

    good job you should make the mith(s) not just the helmet and shield but full

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