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  1. Thebenster

    Achievement Diary: Varrock

    Just saying congratz and nice guide Hawk :)
  2. Thebenster

    Glitchy Topic

    I accidentally managed to 'highlight' the High Alch spell. EDIT: The panel is not showing up even though I am using the control panel.
  3. Thebenster

    Burnt Shrimp

    Examine: Oops!
  4. Thebenster

    Willow Log

  5. Thebenster

    King's Ransom

    bug fixing
  6. Thebenster

    King's Ransom

    Finally I just logged on
  7. Thebenster

    King's Ransom

    I logged in but it logged out automatically ^_^ All the worlds are offline...
  8. Thebenster

    Index Of Forum Suggestions

    The links to the Multi-Language Guides & Homework Helpline forums are broken :P
  9. Banner: http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f108/rom...nbannercopy.jpg Forum: link in signature I can't view the banner at the top of the page of my forum! ;) I can see it on another computer (both in Firefox) but on my one it is not viewable. I just get a blank section at the top of the page. I am using Windows Vista, Mozilla Firefox, have also tried looking on IE but that does not work. :D EDIT: Here is a picture...
  10. Thebenster

    Congratulations To.....

    I thought candi was already a DM?
  11. Thebenster

    Making Transparencies

    Thanks for that ;)
  12. Thebenster

    Making Transparencies

    How do you make transparencies in GIMP? Can someone give me a step by step guide or whatever I need to do. Thanks
  13. Thebenster

    Is Global Warming The Effect Of Humans?

    I have heard that the o-zone layer repairs itself

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