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  1. Orb


    Oh you're redmonke. I was told to talk to you... happens on facebook too, using chrome and I have adblock [8:54:28 PM] zapy: post on sals [8:54:30 PM] zapy: they will fix ez [8:56:04 PM] zapy: redmoke and bobsama [8:56:07 PM] zapy: = gods
  2. Orb


    rate /10? nvm children here
  3. Orb

    Continuing from the last thread.

    It's still rwt, jussayin. Look who the one is that ended up $350 USD worth richer :) Also; these personal attacks don't bother me, i'm happy with what I have, it'd be a different story if you were ripping on some kind of birth defect or tumor or some crap. It makes it even less effective that you are persistent to remain anonymous. Opinions are always much more harsh when the person is hiding behind a username and avatar eh?
  4. Orb

    Continuing from the last thread.

    I'm slightly upset that money owed to me instead went into the tattoo fund of an angsty teenager, yes. Then again, given how ****ing retarded that tattoo looks, and the regret you'll undoubtedly feel once you mature, it might be the best ~$200 I ever spent. I don't owe you shizzle, you go against the forum & game rules to rwt and don't expect this shizzle to happen? Was a nice 350m, though it didn't go far :) and the tattoo is an easy cover up if i ever wish to.
  5. Orb

    Continuing from the last thread.

    So much butthurt
  6. Orb

    Continuing from the last thread.

    Actually has been changed to "We're the closest..." instead of "i'm" the rest of you idiots can fudge off
  7. Orb

    Continuing from the last thread.

    How old are you? grow a fudgeing braincell
  8. Orb

    How do you guys get 1m?

    Made 1b, yet you and Orb scammed Venom for a mask set. I used to stake when I still played. Yeah, I'd like my $183. ****ers. plz dnt flame me :c i jst wnted 2 kno wat the refund btn on paypal ment. acidant i sweer. nex time u rwt to other sal pplz im sur thy wil pay u :)
  9. Orb

    Continuing from the last thread.

    Eh, it was more fore the people who like to say "Zomgzzsddsg urrr gonna regret dat wen ur 192"
  10. Orb

    Continuing from the last thread.

    thx babe <3 _________________ Put a better pic up now
  11. Got it done. No one got the 5m so the dumb mods can stop nice doggy!ing about me "RWT" rsgp for an idea. It says "Get off your knees, Nothing changes when you pray. I'm the closest thing to a god you'll ever know" Don't give me your opinions on it, chances are you have the idea completely wrong. I'm happy with it. The reason I don't want opinions is because it's not finished, it's a full chest piece and that's just the script.
  12. Orb

    Buying tattoo 5m

    In all seriousness, "I'm the closest thing to a god you'll ever know". it's longer then i wanted but owel.
  13. Orb

    Buying tattoo 5m

    Yeah, i got "fudge you zapy, no fudge you kamil i hate you, nah zapy ur getting trolld, l0l im not even getting trolled noob retard" across my chest

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