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    soccer, rune scape, world of warcraft, books, making stick man comics, playing Graal online, watching tv.

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  1. Cosaga

    Horses In Runescape

    i like this idea and i reely think jagex should put it in the game oh yeah im hoping that it wont be a members only skill or whatever the least you could do is make it for non members who can meet certain requirements... like for example you complete all of the quests or have a certain skill level then it would be better
  2. Cosaga

    The Civil War!

    dammit!!!!! 1 question am i still in the movie or what?
  3. Cosaga

    The Civil War!

    i can be either king arthur a calvalier or a round thingy dude oh yeah also if the parts arent taken i can be sir mordred or the other sir lancelot
  4. Cosaga

    Meet The Scapers

    Runescape name: Jason1672 Role: anything Combat level: 61 Fighting type (Mage, Ranger, etc.): melee aka swords and whatnot Good Armour types: full addy, full blue wiz, full studded
  5. Cosaga

    New Movie !

    yeah i can be either (though i'd rather be a black knight) so pick me too im lvl 60 oh yea my runescape name is jason1672 message me on here or pm me when i get on
  6. Cosaga

    Metalkon's Is No Longer Muted!

    plz dont put it on the 24th cuz i wont bee here for it at least put it for tomorrow or the 23rd
  7. Cosaga

    Clan Wars

    im coming too so remember
  8. Cosaga


    sure whats it about
  9. Cosaga

    Metalkon's Is No Longer Muted!

    its hard seeing a player got............ but if its a drop party ill be there
  10. Cosaga

    Recruiting For Clan Wars

    ill come im a f2p and lvl 60 but ill get higher in a few days. and do we have a chat channel and if so whats it called? my other fighting lvls are mage 31 and ranged 31
  11. Cosaga

    Clan Wars

    are we a clan and if so what is our chat line name called?
  12. Cosaga

    Multi-site Steel War 2 (may 19, 2pm Est)

    i didnt like the war i barely got to it before other ppl in the war killed me
  13. Cosaga

    Close Please.

    whats the other topic called?
  14. Cosaga

    Close Please.

    well if no one else can be the guard capitan can i be him im lv 54 and i have most of the outfit for him
  15. Cosaga

    Multi-site Steel War 2 (may 19, 2pm Est)

    i hope im on the list if not my username in jason1672 pass is ********

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