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    In Runescape:<br /><br />Simply fishing with my friends, occasionaly going to castle wars with ancient magiks. Having fun in clan events, i do enjoy a spot of pc for a break from fishing.

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    Fishing (At the moment)
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    1386 +
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  1. Canifis


    I used to use SwiftSwitch, but i don't use clients anymore, to be honest i think they are a waste of time when all the applications are already on your computer.
  2. Canifis

    Safe Log In Idea

    This is a great idea!, i support, just make sure nobody is looking when you type in that password :P.
  3. Canifis

    Even Instructors Love Sal

    lol, i do stuff like that when i have loads of time to free up :(
  4. Canifis

    I Couldn't Resist.

    I did something like this but i made one for the monk lol :(, this is funny, easier than making fakes . 8/10
  5. Canifis

    Epic Phail Mmkai D00d?

    Hehe, thats made me laugh lol, the way you say 'phail' :(
  6. Canifis

    99 Cooking! - Skill Log

    Thanks, going for 99 fishing after cooking :(
  7. Canifis

    99 Cooking! - Skill Log

    Hi all, i am going for 99 cooking and i felt like posting a log of it. Here it is! 4/11/07 - 90 Cooking: 26/11/07 - 91 Cooking: 29/11/07 - 92 Cooking: Picture missing :( 1/12/07 - 93 Cooking: 2/12/07 - 94 Cooking (Yay! no more burnt sharks!): 3/12/07 - 95 Cooking: 4/12/07 - 96 Cooking: Thanks for reading and wish me luck for 99 , i have the lobsters for it :lol:. ~Canifis
  8. Canifis

    4th Fake

    Yeh, ok accept you probably inserted the party hat in the Gif (Graphics interface format). This makes it lower quality, otherwise 4/10 :P.
  9. Canifis

    99 Att

    Nice. Congratulations, i wish i could have that cape .
  10. Canifis

    70 Ranged + 70 Defense

    Hehe, guys i already have karils , thats why i did those levels really.
  11. Canifis

    70 Ranged + 70 Defense

    Here is me getting 70 ranging at fire giants Here is me getting 70 defense at lesser demons. I can now wear my full karils .
  12. Canifis

    Find The Fakes

    Got it! 1. Missing cannon balls, should be next to the first cannon. 2. No sacks outside the door.
  13. Canifis

    Find The Fakes

    1. Isn't the bank deposit box facing the wrong way? 2. The handle of the main doors is missing?.
  14. Canifis

    What Was Your First Operating System?

    My one was a Windows 98 :D, it had just come out when i got it and it cost me £1000 :D .
  15. Canifis

    Screenshot Central

    Umm i have 71 fishing buddy, i don't need the pie ^_^.

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