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  1. `DaRkY

    Nervous Before Race!

    Sport is serious business to be perfectly honest. I would rather die than come second.
  2. `DaRkY


    I love it. Best sport in the world. Chelsea have already begun selling Replica shirts with Robinho imprinted on it, and they havn't even signed him yet! On a side note, I'd rather walk alone then be a fan of the Scousers.
  3. `DaRkY

    Sotw 52: Women

    If it's not too late I'll submit a picture of Jessica Alba
  4. `DaRkY

    This War Is Over!

    Maybe you shouldn't post on a child's internet games forum and post somewhere else then.
  5. `DaRkY


    Was bound to happen.
  6. `DaRkY

    Need A Song....

    Technically, that's illegal
  7. `DaRkY

    Good Monster?

    Green Dragons are better Imo. Much faster to kill at your level. As well, Blue dragons take some effort to get to, green dragons can be found in 13 wilderness so you can use glories to bank at Edgeville and run there.
  8. `DaRkY

    Best Weapon To Train Strength On A Pure

    Scimitar is better then the Sara Sword.
  9. Since when were forums devoted to a child's internet so up tight about upholding correct grammar. I'd be embarrassed to have my screen name associated with the travesty of hunting kids who don't spell correctly on a forum. If you want to see some suggestions of weapons and armour, go to the RS suggestions section. There's sticky's where people have suggested these items.
  10. `DaRkY

    The Official Uefa Euro 2008 Topic.

    Go Portugal. Holland Croatia and Spain to go through with Portugal for mine. I wouldn't mind if Holland and Spain win the cup because they have players that I like and enjoy watching,
  11. `DaRkY

    Whats Up With "dani?"

    Ha! You are quite the joker.
  12. `DaRkY


    At least 70-75 defence. Take a super defence potion as well. Also get the required slayer level to use magic dart, it will be your best weapon there, and you can use the spell when you are wearing rune/dragonhide. Also get a higher range level. 60 at least and use rune arrows to kill Ahrims with.
  13. `DaRkY

    Turning 8.8 Mill Into A Santa

    Buy yourself a cannon and set up a cannon on an empty world at the level 13 green Dragons near Dark Knight's Fortress. Bank the hides and bones, and any good drops you get. Use glories to minimize banking time and maximizing efficiency (Time is potential money). You should be getting 1M a day fairly easily.
  14. `DaRkY

    Train Ranged In Fight Caves With Bone Bolts?

    XP too slow imo, plus you will not find out how the cave works because you only explore the first few waves and not the harder parts.
  15. `DaRkY

    Eaisest Skill To Level Too 99

    No, Fishing can cost 20gp and u get like 78M+ from it! Firemakeing and Wc can cost 00Gp and u make no money but get 99 =Þ Fishing is the easiest but you do not make any money from it. You will lose money as raw fish cost more then cooked fish, but with cooking gauntlets you should have a 100% success rate at cooking them. The average loss per lobster is around 80 gp, but if you predict the economy right and buy when demand is low and sell when demand is high you might get lucky and lose less. But I'm a realist and 100k lobster will be around what you need, costing you 8M.

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