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    ummm...<br /><br />friends,<br />music,<br />runescape,<br />wicca,<br />life.....<br />love.

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    summer lily3
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    Don't Care
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    small. lol!
  1. ApplePebbles

    Last One To Post Wins

    i bet you i win =]
  2. ApplePebbles

    Last One To Post Wins

    lol heya nik!
  3. ApplePebbles

    Last One To Post Wins

  4. ApplePebbles


    Did anyone go see Korn this year in Brisbane? Or at all on their tour 'Evolution' I think it is... ? Or... at all? Yeah, who's seen Korn?!? Lol Because I was just wondering what people thought about how they played and if you've previously seen them play, if they were better or worse?
  5. The mother was lucky to get away while she could. And isn't it only the men who make the decisions about who does what over there? I think that women should have equal rights, especially over their own lives. But that will probably never happen due to most men (most! not all) enjoying their power over one another.
  6. ApplePebbles

    Love At First Site

    I've loved this guy since I first saw him... I guess it is a real thing. Because we didn't have the 'lust' lol It's more like he is my best friend as well as my boyfriend. So... of course it's real. And it wasn't to do with how cute he was, or anything like that. There was just... a connection.
  7. ApplePebbles

    Being Fat

    Was that really necessary? This whole topic is unnecessary. I'm pretty sure the vast majority of us agree that it's a ridiculous suggestion. um... Sorry if you didn't notice, but it wasn't a suggestion in the first place. It was a question asking merely if people thought others who were fat (or big) should be treated any different. OR IT WAS MEANT TO BE INTERPRETED THAT WAY. Sorry for the confusion. And I don't think that this topic is unnecessary so you and your 'vast majority' just don't read or comment on this. Thank you.
  8. ApplePebbles

    First One Word Thought

    cough? zeugma
  9. ApplePebbles

    Your First Kiss...

    I'm loving it!! That's a classic! :) HAHAHAHA!
  10. ApplePebbles

    Your First Kiss...

    It was boring. Lol I regret it now... I didn't realise what a :P he was or I'd never have done it in the first place. I hate wanting to kiss someone but not knowing how they feel about you or whether they will kiss you back. :)
  11. ApplePebbles

    First One Word Thought

    Dwarf Chicken
  12. ApplePebbles

    Last One To Post Wins

  13. ApplePebbles

    Proof That Christianity Is A Fake Religion

    Christianity seems to be a religion based off a whole load of others.. Therefore this makes it not a fake religion, because they have worshippers, but maybe instead a copied significance of ritualistic belief. Christianity was based to hate Paganism, but has taken aspects from Paganism to try destroy the other religions. It had a lot of power behind it and fear was used as a tool to undermine competition. It has become a religion because people (in general) need something to believe in, and the belief that someone will save them (from what is a good question) has created the church and the power. Question: What do people need God?
  14. ApplePebbles

    What Would You Do?..

    This is a situation where a taser would really come in handy. :)
  15. ApplePebbles

    Stargate Atlantis/sg-1

    Wow... Didn't think I'd see something about Stargate on Runescape Uhhhh... I never used to watch it but my family have made it a tradition... Did you see the episode where Daniel gets sucked into a different dimension? TEALC (or whatever lol) HAS HAIR!!!

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