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  1. got a notification - so much nostalgia

  2. also leo which part of toronto are you from and where do you go to school?
  3. pats are def gonna win again tho
  4. i cant believe yall still use this forum this is crazy
  5. being on this website gives me a rush of old memories i didnt know still existed

    1. Lonelywolf
    2. bros before hoes

      bros before hoes

      i also get an erection when i visit this site

  6. i randomly rmbrd this forum so i logged in. wow the nostalgia im feeling rn is crazy

  7. so i turned 20 today

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    2. wartoc


      Happy Birthday

    3. Fabio


      Happy birthday Aabid!

    4. Aabid


      @yuanrang reading thru some of my pms and posts here, i sure was a weird kid. but im happy i spent time up here rather than the streets or worse

  8. Aabid

    The break up

    wow long time no talk... hopefully you're feeling better now i'm also from Toronto so if you ever do decide to come by pm me (hopefully I read the message on time LOL)
  9. Aabid


    melo to houston
  10. these are toughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the metallic 5s that dropped this year are tough af too (and the black cat 6s)
  11. whats new yall

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    2. Leo


      If Ibaka sucks I will riot

    3. Aabid


      holyyyy yall still alive here thats crazyyyy (do you think u guys will ever stop using this website)

    4. mikeyy


      ill stop using this website when the good lord sal shuts it down completely

  12. Aabid


    ibaka trade pretty fair for both teams.. rap in a win now situation while orlando gets to update their young core
  13. right now im going into my second year of my bachelor of science honestly the only reason im in it is because i couldnt find anything else to do and i was already taking math/science in high school so why not soo yeah the thing is im not passionate about anything at all. i kinda like math cuz im good at it, science im pretty good at too and i dont really mind it that much. only thing i dont want to do for sure is become an engineer/do anything with physics. what did you guys when you were in a position like this? how did you end up making up your mind and find something to do? i really like playing basketball but im obviously not good enough to go pro and i do not really want to work in a field of sports cuz i would be too sad its not me playing.
  14. idk my password to this thing and whenever i try to reset it, it wont let me so i can only go on this when on my home computer which is rarelyyy..

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    2. Sobend


      I think the password recovery is broke and I doubt it'll be fixed. We can reset for you if you want.

    3. Tabt


      Have you tried "Hunter2"?

    4. Aabid


      wow tabt youre sooo funny and wow wtf guitarguy so you're saying i can go on my friends computer and steal their passwords if theyre logged in??? and ok thanks sobend/mikeyyy

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