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  1. got a notification - so much nostalgia

  2. also leo which part of toronto are you from and where do you go to school?
  3. pats are def gonna win again tho
  4. i cant believe yall still use this forum this is crazy
  5. being on this website gives me a rush of old memories i didnt know still existed

    1. Lonelywolf
    2. bros before hoes

      bros before hoes

      i also get an erection when i visit this site

  6. i randomly rmbrd this forum so i logged in. wow the nostalgia im feeling rn is crazy

  7. so i turned 20 today

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    2. wartoc


      Happy Birthday

    3. Fabio


      Happy birthday Aabid!

    4. Aabid


      @yuanrang reading thru some of my pms and posts here, i sure was a weird kid. but im happy i spent time up here rather than the streets or worse

  8. Aabid

    The break up

    wow long time no talk... hopefully you're feeling better now i'm also from Toronto so if you ever do decide to come by pm me (hopefully I read the message on time LOL)
  9. Aabid


    melo to houston
  10. these are toughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the metallic 5s that dropped this year are tough af too (and the black cat 6s)
  11. whats new yall

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    2. Leo


      If Ibaka sucks I will riot

    3. Aabid


      holyyyy yall still alive here thats crazyyyy (do you think u guys will ever stop using this website)

    4. mikeyy


      ill stop using this website when the good lord sal shuts it down completely

  12. Aabid


    ibaka trade pretty fair for both teams.. rap in a win now situation while orlando gets to update their young core
  13. right now im going into my second year of my bachelor of science honestly the only reason im in it is because i couldnt find anything else to do and i was already taking math/science in high school so why not soo yeah the thing is im not passionate about anything at all. i kinda like math cuz im good at it, science im pretty good at too and i dont really mind it that much. only thing i dont want to do for sure is become an engineer/do anything with physics. what did you guys when you were in a position like this? how did you end up making up your mind and find something to do? i really like playing basketball but im obviously not good enough to go pro and i do not really want to work in a field of sports cuz i would be too sad its not me playing.
  14. idk my password to this thing and whenever i try to reset it, it wont let me so i can only go on this when on my home computer which is rarelyyy..

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    2. Sobend


      I think the password recovery is broke and I doubt it'll be fixed. We can reset for you if you want.

    3. Tabt


      Have you tried "Hunter2"?

    4. Aabid


      wow tabt youre sooo funny and wow wtf guitarguy so you're saying i can go on my friends computer and steal their passwords if theyre logged in??? and ok thanks sobend/mikeyyy

  15. Aabid


    nahhhhhhhhhh lets go kd curry klay thats a cooking lineup
  16. Aabid


    yo leo are you from toronto?? i live in toronto lool but i think love will stay and if he does go prolly to bostom and wow wtf curry wtf curry wtf i actually cried when they lost
  17. Aabid


    idk is anyone watching euros? im going for germany and france
  18. Aabid


    ive been saying dubs are too much LOL back to backkk and yeaaa i feel bad for lebron too his team has completely left him!
  19. @conspic thats pretty cool loool your a brave guy... but idk i actually believe in islam and stuff so i cant just do that i just want them to be more relaxed so moving out could possible make them more relaxed. so basically put yourself in an uncomfortable situation so you can adapt right
  20. @sneezingtree nah fam i didnt feel offended at all.. that was actually comforting to read.. "you are provided with a glimpse of the constraints of adulthood" what did you mean by this "you may forget that just because you all have the mutual connection to your university, it also has the size of a medium-sized city: how many people can you actually connect with in a city?" by this you mean i cant ever be connected to everyone right? You go to a friggin' HUGE university with 80,000 people and you probably see people all around you making you say 'if there's people everywhere why do I feel so isolated?' yeah this EXACTLY bro i feel this way allllllllllll the time. ill try the listening thing when classes start again i guess.. tbh conversation isnt really that big of a deal i mean i can USUALLY start a convo with a girl beside me but if shes even 2 seats away ill good kitty! out.. but yeah ill for sure try to get them to tlak more about themselves and lool okay but im not even kidding but feelings fudge with you so bad.. like its annoying to want them to talk to you so bad and you cant even focus on anyhting. ill also try to join some clubs.. but honestly apart from sports i really am not interested in anything so im going to join intramural sports first of all even if im a good listener tho i still have learn how to be funny and engaging;.. i dont want to be a robot right but thanks man ill for sure try my best when the new school year starts again but yeah feeling not connected feels realllly bad.. plus i consider myself pretty social so i get kinda depressed when i have none to talk to
  21. what kind of rude surprises? do you mean how hard it is to surprise on your own? yeah ive been kind planning a budget but a job might be something i reallly need to get. and yeah i agree the main thing is staying at home is hurting my social skills and growth.. idk if this makes sense but some guy told me that its like not ever walking until after highschool.. this is the same thing.. ive never really practiced my social skills and now im getting a bit not really i have a some money which i have lying around but i use that when i eat or whatever. and LOL what kinda life do you live with your friends? more freedom and getting my social skills up will be a process i need to work on. by getting "you get grounded again" do you mean settling in myself? also i have no idea what would happen if i actually left. i have no idea how they would react.. knowing them they would hunt me down or something like that
  22. yup i think im going to have to get out of my comfort zone.. its mainly the fear of what theyll do if they find out i was doing something thats why i dont really leave the house once im at home. as for money they usually buy me stuff. i never got allowance but as i got older every few months ill go to the mall with my mom and we just walk around buying a bunch of clothes so thats not really a problem. but basically they hate when i spend money on anything for fun... like they get mad that i spend a bus ticket (which is like $2) to go play basketball..... and im gonna message you somethingg
  23. i tried watching the video but i couldnt understand what he was saying LOL is a society a club?? yeah i feel you about the hating thing.. like i wanna love them but they make it so hard and they keep saying theyre just trying to tell me the right things and try to make my life better. yup when next school year starts im planning to be friends with everyone. and i already do get student finance so its not even like theyre paying for my tuition... did you end up running away or something?? and yeah im saving up my money so incase i do decide to leave i can kind of provide for myself. and oh i didnt see u comment sofee ill get back to you
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