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    Hi, if you are reading this you are probably really bored... Well, I love to play baseball and my favorite baseball team is the Chicago Cubs. I enjoy hanging out with my friends and talking to people on Sal's forum. Collecting baseball cards is a hoby that I also have. I like to use the computer and play Playstation2. I love this forum because almost everyone on here is really nice. All the mods, distinguished members, Sal, and everyone else contribute to this forum and make it a really cool place to spend time.

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  1. Elf_Sniper11

    While Guthix Sleeps

    Hey, nice guide as usual! And thanks for writing it Neo.
  2. Elf_Sniper11

    Buying Robin Hood Hat

    PM me ingame if you want to sell. I'll be on for a little longer today. If I'm not on, leave a comment. Thanks
  3. Elf_Sniper11

    Im A 1000 Skiller!

    Gratz on getting 1000! Try to get it even higher.
  4. Elf_Sniper11

    Bandos Chestplate

    I haven't been looking too closely lately, but, has the Bandos Chestplate been decreasing, increasing, or staying the same in value lately? I'm wanting to buy one but I'm not sure how the value is going. If you could respond, that would be great. Thanks
  5. Elf_Sniper11

    70 Herblore - #11

    Congratz on getting 70 Herblore!
  6. Elf_Sniper11

    Eat Up Little Fishies

    Hmmmmm, pretty good for your first. 7/10
  7. Elf_Sniper11

    The Master Of Fire

    Not the best I've seen, but not the worst. 5/10
  8. Elf_Sniper11

    **** I'm On Fire!

    I really like it. 10/10. Nice job.
  9. Elf_Sniper11

    Few Levels

    Congratulations on getting 93 Woodcutting, 86 Range, and 68 Smithing!
  10. Elf_Sniper11

    Drowning Nub

    Creative and funny. I'll give it 10/10. =)
  11. Elf_Sniper11

    Spot The Fakes

    Well, I liked it. 8/10
  12. Elf_Sniper11

    Congratulations To...

    Congratulations guys! And good luck. =)
  13. Elf_Sniper11

    Smoking Kills

    Once again, another great guide has been written. Great job!
  14. Elf_Sniper11

    Need For Speed : Runescape

    Well, not bad. But not the best one I've seen. 6/10.

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