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  1. Holomanga

    The Author's Game

    Once upon a time, a character named John1337 was playing Runescape. He had 999M of every item, which he lost in pvp worlds to tehnoobshow, since he knew that The Angry Noob was better Afterward, John cried for about a week, and then started skilling his woodcutting. He went from level 50 to 60 in about three days. He then realized he had no life and killed himself....only to come back as a ghost. He walked around to find Tehnoobshow, he did, then started haunting his life. Poor Tehnoobshow got so frustrated that he quit Runescape, so John went to haunt people in the Draynor Mansion. And then John farted and everyone in the Mansion fled because it smelled so bad. So he decided to pursue his life-long ambitions; which involved building a catapult to launch his enemies into the sun, and acquiring a strangely addictive Chinese restaurant. The CIA knew about his plans. They stole his catapult and his chinese food. He became extremely paranoid because all government agencies were now after him. So he grabbed his laptop and fled to Paraguay. But he wasn't safe anywhere. As he was trying to relax in his apartment, there was a knock at the door. He was frightened for a moment until he realized he was a ghost and no government agency, even the all powerful CIA, could touch him in his unliving, immortal state that came about as a result of his sad addiction to a simple online game, such tragedy should have been avoided by simple preventative measures like time management and involvement in the community but none were taken and John tragically took his own life. John awoke screaming greatful that it was all a dream...then he took a dose of cyanide gas and died again, bringing him back to the ghost stage. But then John realized that this was all in RuneScape and he went into shock, and then died 30 minutes later, bringing him once again back to the ghost stage. He then went to mars and died. The CIA followed him, burning his body and putting the ashes on Pluto. But all was not lost, for a wizard had come to revive him! And he decided to take the blue pill...which turned him into a flying monkey. So, the wizard, named George, along with his new pet monkey named John set off to The forbidden farm house of george bush, which had many scary stories of people going there and being tortured. However, the house crumbled as soon as John walked up to it. Though it turns out it didn't really crumble. John was just drinking a little so he thought it crumbled at first In reality George Bush had just pulled him into a bone-crushing hug, crying "John! My son!" After a long, friendly chat with the former president, he traveled to the White House so that people could make fun of Barack Obama now. It turns out that it was just a dream
  2. the daleks come, kill you, give me the phat then spontaneously combust.
  3. Holomanga

    The Bunny Kit

    looks cool but it's too big.
  4. Holomanga


    Uber fakes. Hope to more from you!
  5. Holomanga

    My Random As Game

    Corporeal Beast. Lets escape from that realm and kill some noobs:lol:
  6. Holomanga


    ^What i pasted^ Unfortunately i didn't have anything on my clipboard
  7. Holomanga

    The 1,000 Page Topic!

    spam spam spam
  8. Holomanga

    Virus Infection!

    +1 Condition: 15
  9. Holomanga

    Rhyme -or- Relate

  10. Holomanga

    Count Down From 1,000,000

  11. Holomanga

    The Battle Of Sal's Arena!

    I fire a heavy duty nuke mk iii and kill you all
  12. Holomanga


    I can't post it cos its my password on sals realm
  13. 1 i think i recognise that sig
  14. Holomanga

    Looking For Underbanner!

    Im working on it!

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