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  1. Super disappointing ? The fact that he could just access an account like that and get away with so much for so long just shows how unsecured Jagex accounts are, we need something better than 2FA and a bank pin because the recovery system is a joke.
  2. Ahem

    1. Yuanrang


      Excuse me, sir?

      I could not help noticing that you had an awkward cough. May I interest you in this Cup of Awesome? :ice:

    2. Donovan


      That would be awesomely accepted good sir, thank you :ice: 

  3. ...lilshu, our newest Forum Administrator! He has proven his concern for the forum and it's well-being, so congratulate him on this deserved and much needed promotion. As well, we have our Content Drive winners! First Place is Roy with 486 points! Second Place: Sobend (447 points) Third Place: TakerMayFire (300 points) We would also like to thank all the contributors to this drives as well: Army of One, Cynical Barb, Shooter585, Feurigan, Ambo100, Zooey, Guitarguy, Big Tree, Birthday, and Amber. Rewards will be handed out shortly
  4. It was a combination of stench, atittude, and lack of mojo that ultimately led Mr Fatia to his demise. But really, he wasn't banned and we haven't banned any IPs recently. Can he just not access the site or is there a message?
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  7. Any clan with a citadel can now create, customise and deploy clan avatars. Summoned and controlled by designated avatar wardens within your clan, these living embodiments of your citadel can accompany you to the surface world and support your clan with an array of buffs. These buffs affect every eligible clan member within the avatar's aura of influence. Whether you're a clan of legendary warriors or a collective of shrewd artisans, your avatar has your back. Combat-focused clans will benefit from buffs that heal over time, randomly resurrect fallen clan members and redirect damage taken by clan members to the avatar.In times of peace, your avatar can increase the resource yield from citadel skill plots, double the duration of Summoning familiars, and can offer a healthy XP boost for any skill training, even outside of your citadel. Depending on the tier of your citadel, an avatar can have up to three slots for equipping these buffs, so they can be tailored to any task at hand. For an avatar to take up residence, you'll first need to build a habitat within your clan citadel. Here, clan members with the necessary permissions can designate buffs to an avatar. Other permissions can enable you to customise its appearance, choosing from four styles for each of its nine components. Your clan logo and colours will also be proudly displayed on your avatar's body, so no two avatars need ever look the same. Habitats come in three varieties, each with its own resource requirement:Basic: 3,000 timber. Medium: 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars. Grand: 30,000 timber, 30,000 precious bars, 30,000 rations. The basic habitat houses one avatar, while the medium habitat holds two and the grand habitat three, so the extra investment is well worth it. While your clan can only summon one avatar at a time, you'll have up to three avatars ready and waiting to assist, whatever the situation. To benefit from the clan avatar's buffs, each individual will need to pay 300 anagogic orts to the avatar, which will buy a week's access to its clan-boosting benefits. These items are non-tradable, but they can be gathered as drops from monsters throughout RuneScape, as well as during skill training - so long as you're a member of a clan. These are also used to heal your avatar when it takes damage in combat, so be sure to stock up if you're taking a clan avatar into multi-way combat or PvP! Gather your resources, muster your clan mates and summon your new secret weapon. Your clan just got a whole lot bigger. Mod Maz Queen of the Squirrels Getting Started with Clan Avatars: See the Captain of the Guard at the clan camp for full details of how to build, maintain and use your clan avatar. Requirements To build a clan avatar, or benefit from its buffs, you must be a member. You must be part of a clan which owns a clan citadel. Your citadels must include a clan avatar habitat. You must pay fee of 300 anagogic orts to benefit from clan avatar buffs. This earns you a week's access to buff from avatars owned by your clan. These are non-tradable, and can be gathered from monster drops and skill training.
  8. I have a Speck Candyshell Grip, it's great.
  9. It's been over 10 years since RuneScape first opened its doors, and during that time, over 200 million players have passed through them. This is an immense milestone and to celebrate in true RuneScape style we have a suitably awesome event in game for you. Party demons have appeared in the Barbarian Village, Varrock Sewers and the Bandit Camp, but they've been partying for so long that they just can't stop. Hey Presto the mage, who's waiting for you near the demons, knows just how to put them out of their misery though, and it's up to you and your friends to take down the demon's 200 million hit points with the Boogie bow. There are no requirements needed to wield the Boogie bow - so everyone can take a shot. A special party gift awaits those who do. What's more, its open to both free players and members and totally risk free - no deaths from the demon's! But hurry, the demons won't be partying for long. As well as our in-game event, we've launched our celebratory site. In honour of you, we have produced a ton of great stuff to feast your eyes on. There's a timeline to well up the nostalgia for you - with all the significant events in RuneScape's history. There's an infographic with some truly mind bending factoids, a video with some words from our team, and a page dedicated to celebratory videos made by you, our fantastic players. The testimonial page features a playlist from our video competition with our 200 winning videos (who all get signed concept art), and our 5 finalists who are each in with a chance of winning lifetime membership to The World’s Greatest Adventure. Enjoy the party! And a massive big thanks from us to you! The RuneScape Team
  10. Solomon - a genie of exquisite taste and distinction - has a plethora of exclusive merchandise to enhance your characters' appearance, and is offering them for purchase in his boutique: Solomon's General Store. There are costumes - become a cunning Assassin or a debonair swashbuckler, and visual enhancements for your weapons - how about a Pactbreaker longsword?; there are also animations that change how you skill and teleport; a variety of emotes; and a host of new titles. Last, but certainly not least, a banner that allows you to stamp your mark on Gielinor! Free players and members alike will have access to this store from within the game, and as a celebration of his store's 'Grand Opening', Solomon is offering all first time visitors to his store 200 RuneCoins to spend. That's on top of the 10% that all members receive in the store - permanently! Alongside Solomon’s General Store is the new Customisation System. This lets you change your appearance without losing the stats from your regular worn items, set up new animation overrides and manage your titles. It also allows you to preview the various items and animations available in Solomon’s General Store, so you can view them on your character before making a purchase. This dressing room even lets you save costume combinations for the future. The Customisation System can be accessed at any time from your Worn Equipment tab. RuneCoins are a new currency that we've introduced purely for Solomon's General Store and they're available for purchase through the Jagex billing system, accessed either hereor via the Buy RuneCoins button from inside the Store itself. And remember for our members, we have a discount of 10% on all items available in the Store! Please note that that items purchased from the store are untradeable. Take a look at our FAQ or Help Guide if you have further questions, or drop into the forums to let us know what items you’d love to see next. In other newsThe Scream emote is now available in the Members Loyalty Programme store at the discounted price of 4500 loyalty points. The RuneScape Team View the Patch Notes Archive here.
  11. This topic has been closed by a staff member. Reason: We don't allow luring guides. If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, Sal's RuneScape Forum Staff
  12. Today sees the long-awaited launch of the 10 Year Veteran Cape – a cape available only to members that have been playing RuneScape for 10 years or more. A lot can happen in 10 years - just take a look at RuneScape back in 2002! The gates of Gielinor had barely been open a year when Ardougne made its first appearance on the map, and the poor (or should that be rich?) Carnilleans first fell victim to the heinous Hazeel Cult. 2002 was also the year that Tutorial Island welcomed many new visitors to RuneScape, and many an adventurer also met their demise at the hands of the newly-arrived King Black Dragon! Back in the real world, 2002 saw Japan and Korea host the FIFA World Cup, and The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers first hit cinema screens. If you’ve been playing our game for 10 years, you certainly deserve a special item to mark this magnificent commitment. This prestigious garment is is available to members only, a members item and it can be purchased from Hans, who can be found in the grounds of Lumbridge Castle. Before you head off to get your cape and enjoy its impressive new emote, we’d just like to say a big thank you to all of our loyal players, and we look forward to creating further veteran capes as and when each new milestone arrives! The RuneScape Team
  13. This topic has been closed by a staff member. Reason: Nah. If you disagree with this action, please report this post and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, Sal's RuneScape Forum Staff
  14. I'm actually just finishing selling my collection off as well, I was surprised how much the old ones are still worth. The main cards in there are Exodia, if they're from the LOB set (LOB 120-124) you're looking at $50-75 and close to $100 if they're first edition and in good condition. The only other ones worth anything are Dark Magician, B. Skull Dragon, Cosmo Queen, Thousand Dragon, Horus, and Blue Eyes for $5-10 each. Everything else is less than $5, say $3 average and $2 for all the Japanese cards. So add it all up, maybe $100-150 for your collection based on how good of condition the cards are in. You also have to remember hardly any of these are used in the game today, so try selling to a collector.
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