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  1. Switch Quick

    Ancient Legion 90+

    nice i will join
  2. Switch Quick

    Why Bh?

    i dunt mind level difference i am lvl 88 i can usually put up a good fight against lvl 95's but the right click thing pisses me off cuz i cant K0
  3. Switch Quick

    Why Bh?

    imbored of skilling i got 79 mining and 82 wc, too many ppl skilling on weekends so i kill a few hours by trying to kill toher people
  4. Switch Quick

    Why Bh?

    well this is about why BH craters are so small !!!!!!! first jagex wants us to play in this infernal minigame that everyone hated and now i can't even get in? what is the maximum capicty of the friken thing????? Also why can't we left click to attack our oppenents? when im facing HIGHER LEVELS i cant kill them because i cannot 2H them. When i try to, i end up clicking my 2h, right clicking them and pressing attack but by then the HIGHER LEVEL already ate. Why cant they be left click?
  5. Switch Quick

    Wtf !

    im f2p i hav 2 worlds world 17 and world 100 and sumthing 17 always full 100n sumthing middle crater full
  6. Switch Quick

    Wtf !

    ive been clicking for five freakin minutes and i cant get into bh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! make the friken craters bigger... they made this update so we cud play and forget about RWT and they dunt even let us play????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? WTF ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. Switch Quick

    85 Woodcutting

    he was so excited he forgot how to add !!!
  8. Switch Quick

    Hades Bow Clan 40+

    its pvp !!! means no multi which means no point of clan in the fist of guthix
  9. bh is non multi wats the point of clans in there pj?
  10. Switch Quick

    Gained 2m Lost 1.2m

    no pic no proof NOOB !!!!!
  11. Switch Quick

    First Of Guthix

    great game defitnetly worth the wait
  12. Switch Quick

    Money Making Stuff

    well if we told you are moneky making ideas than tht gp making thing wud soon crash cuz everybody will do it.. find your ideas man
  13. Switch Quick


    well if we gave you all our ideas the money stops coming to us.. u gotta find own ways and see wut works thats wut real merchant does
  14. Switch Quick

    » Where My Ho's At? «

    nice a santa hat good job i was attracted to the title so i clicked it
  15. Switch Quick

    Rate Me

    wow thats a lot of ess in a week great job

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