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  1. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    Such lack of manners, tsk tsk tsk.
  2. Yuanrang

    can i be extinguished member?

    Well, if I shared them, I would not be rich, would I?
  3. Yuanrang

    can i be extinguished member?

    i actually had a look through the relationship advice forum, and I can safely say that no one is missing out on being unable to see that forum. Heck, even the Trash Can we have to move threads out of public has way more comedy gold (buried beneath a mountain of spam and RWT) than that place.
  4. Yuanrang

    Posting in Announcements Forum

    Something something, make loose reference to "trimming the fat", something something, make <Insert Place> GREAT again!
  5. Yuanrang

    Posting in Announcements Forum

    Is this were you get banned from this forum platform, forcing you to make your own forum that you will call FACT, so you lose all semblance of a grip on reality?
  6. Yuanrang

    can i be extinguished member?

    I believe the standing rule has been to never delete anything, so I assume every thread and post exist somewhere (apart from what got pruned by accident once), but there is not a "Old graphic place" that I can see, but that might be visible only to Sal for all I know. There are no remaining treasure hunt forums, from what I can see. For the most part, the sections that are archived are mostly site projects of various sizes, and dating advice.
  7. Yuanrang

    Posting in Announcements Forum

    Cardiovascular exercise is a healthy and necessary component of a healthy life, so have a nice walk! Do remember that good footwear is key to a pleasant experience! Edit: I was implying that exercise is good, and I'm not afraid of Fatalysm walking, because he always returns here.
  8. Yuanrang

    can i be extinguished member?

    I assume it is related to closed off sections that is still retained in archived state, such as the Database Board, the RuneWise-subforum, and such. While they might not see the forums, they do still have moderating rights to them.
  9. Yuanrang

    can i be extinguished member?

    I genuinely remembered it as you requesting it, but after reading through the thread about it, I was dead wrong! It turns out that you were inactive at the time when another DM was demoted upon their own request when your inactivity was pointed out. Then we decided to hold off on demoting you it since you had some random inactivity sprees, and we did not want to demote you, aaaaaaaand 4 months later, you were still inactive, so we had no excuse to keep stalling it.
  10. Yuanrang

    The Wilderness is to be Removed

    I mean, you could have asked that in RS2 as well, and the answer would have been "Only in certain areas or for certain purposes". Even just prior to them removing the Wilderness and having Bounty Hunting as their feature, there were some places like the green dragons or the Rune Rocks where you could find frequent activity regardless of world, but beyond that, it was mostly on specific worlds that were designated for certain types of PVP.
  11. Yuanrang

    can i be extinguished member?

    Recently, I have indeed seen a side of you that I respect quite a lot, for whatever it is worth.
  12. Yuanrang

    can i be extinguished member?

    We do not extinguish anyone by request, but when you make yourself deserving of an extinguishment, I am sure I will be right on it.
  13. Yuanrang

    best chocolate

    Possibly. I just connect "dark" chocolate with being very bitter and in a stark contrast to milk chocolate. However, we do specialize in milk chocolate in Norway, so that might be why there is such a large difference in my mind.
  14. Yuanrang

    best chocolate

    White chocolate is naturally superior to milk chocolate. Regardless of which of the two one might prefer, there can be no doubt that dark chocolate is the worst of them all. It is beyond me why people like bitterness in a type of candy that is predominantly associated with sweetness,
  15. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    I was winning.

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