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  1. I think the answer there is both "Yes" and "No". In the time where we had an active Staff, it would have been quite possible to let other people do it. In fact, for a long time, I used to be retired around 2008 to 2011, simply because I was more addicted to World of Warcraft, and I forgot about all things RuneScape for most of it. Before that period, the forum was extremely active, and we had a large Staff, so it was easy to just let other people do it. When I came back, RuneScape was in rapid decline and had been for some time, so there were less active members, and far less active Staff. The result was that, for the past 10 years or so, it has only been a very small amount of Staff members "running" the show. Most of the past decade or so has really been 1-3 people doing all the moderating and upkeep. Realistically, at those points, there very well could be no one else to defer to, even when the forum had "moderate" activity on a regular basis. See, this is where I end up getting surprised. I was so sure your name was a play on "fatalism", and I internally thought you saw yourself as a doomed figure, resigned to suffer the inevitable. It is important to point out that you would probably feel differently, if you had been at the other side of the rules. I know a lot of people felt like I was ruining Sal's for them, but that is simply because they had grown to have a different view of what Sal's was, or what it should be. I can easily say that I did not always know the gap, and sometimes I regretted the ruling, or whether leniency should have been shown, but other times I felt that some people got off easy. In either case, having the reputation as a crazy fascist tend to be more practical, than it is detrimental. People tend to be more on their toes that way. I am sorry to hear you got to experience how awful that feels, and I think when I speak for any member of the Staff that has been around, that this is what we wanted to prevent. It is, of course, inevitable with the anonymity of being online, but I did wish people had been kinder to each other. The thing is, as you point out, we are all culprits and hardly innocent, in one way or another. I can think of at least two people I wish I had been nicer to, simply because I do not think they deserved my ire. One was just way too young for the forum (and to realise why they were being a bit "too much"), and one.. well.. I suspect might have had a genuine reason to be that way as they could not help themselves. I am sure there are way more people than just those two, but.. those are the two that pop up in my mind when I think about it, so.. Kids, teenagers and young adults often want recognition and to bond with others, because that is such a human thing to desire. Nothing feels better than being looked up to, or having a great friend, and I would imagine nothing stings more than the absence of both. The thing you probably do not realise is that in terms of popularity, being a Distinguished Member is as high as most people would go. Being a Distinguished Member required you to be respected and looked up to, and be a good role model. Being a Moderator required you to put in the effort to actually "work", while needing the patience to deal with the criticism and bureaucracy. But... on the other hand, you did get rewarded in the sense that you got to actively work on improving the community, and it really did feel like you were the last line of defense against the scammers, the flamers and the people hell-bent on soothing their painful lives, by ruining those of others. In that sense, it was also quite rewarding. In general, I am horrid at starting conversations. I have always felt awkward about it, so I have not really started conversations with people. It is not because I do not like them anymore, or because I do not care, but I just do not want to be annoying or a bother. Take someone like Dani. Now, I love Dani to death, but it has been ages since this forum has seen the furry behind of @Arianna. The thing is, if he showed up tomorrow and decided to chat, I could go right back to where we were 10 years ago, and I would not have a problem. I make friends for life, both online and offline. I do realise we have both moved on, and thus I am fine with that. Besides, a couple of good friends like Eggh is still around regularily, and other people drop by now and then, so I am always happy to hear from them. For the friendships that suffered because of moderating... well, nothing really changed for me when the friendships suffered. To explain, I will use a particular example: I had a really good friend , one of my best Sal's friends, get angry at me for supporting his demotion due to his actions. He saw it as a betrayal of years of close friendship, of good times, and of respect. He felt hurt, betrayed, and was upset. For me.. it was never about the person, but the actions that lead to the demotion having to happen. I have had friends bombard this forum with pornography and other content, simply to get themselves banned because they wanted to "get away" from their online addictions. I have seen people so unable to put away their hatred for certain people that were baiting them, that they drove themselves to be warned, suspended and banned. Of course relationships and friendships suffer, but.. I think most Staff has gone through these things. It is the sad reality of having to mete out the punishments, and enforce the rules. Well, for one, I would not have had to type all prim and proper! This is not how I normally write English, as anyone from the IRC days would attest to. In general though, I would say no. I used to write thorough replies and involve myself long before I became a moderator. A few friends usually made fun of my walls of text, so there is that. I think every artist here would claim that everyone else around them is more creative than themselves. At least, that seems to be what everyone used to say. I think the drive to improve is both an artist's blessing and a curse. It helps them improve, but it also forces them to compare themselves with others, and they will tear themselves down by doing that. I think learning how to be grateful with what one has, and improve upon that, is far more constructive than lamenting the lack of skill and creativity. I do admit, this view of mine might be why I am not very artistical in the first place though, so excuse my nonsense.. Hah, I used to think this way, until my back started hurting because of poor lifting techniques and a lifetime of thinking that way. Sometimes, it is best to just accept the fact before your spine gets so crooked by an accident, your height suddenly go down 7cm as a result. Ah, the stupidity of being in your 20ies and thinking you are indestructible.. All exams in Norway has, for the most part, been cancelled, so that has not been an issue. All the overtime, stress, complications and such were far worse. Teaching from the confines of your own home through streaming services was certainly a new experience, but a fairly valuable one. It just took a lot of time and energy to get things right though. I consider myself lucky that we have been fairly sheltered by the pandemic, so I feel more sorry for the ones that has been smack in the middle of a disaster. I prefer to run the games, so I tend to write the story for people, and my groups live and breathe to do something completely unexpected that generates a lot of laughs and frantic improvisation on my part. It is very enjoyable though, and it is a way of storytelling that I personally love. It is also quite social and entertaining, if you find the right group of people to play with. It is cheap of me to take your entire life story, and focus only on this quote, so I will say that I found your life to have been interesting in the sense that it does seem like you have had your successes and failiures, and you seem to have come out better for it in the end. For that, I want to say "Bravo!", and commend you for that. I hope whatever comes next turns out to give you both satisfaction in life, and that times are happy for you. Now for the quote though.. I think you are absolutely correct in your choice, because.. I did the exact same thing! I started studying my passions because I wanted to learn more, but I never considered it to be something I would work with for the rest of my life. Hell, turning my hobbies into a full-time study almost made me lose my joy and passion for History and English. I was fortunate to have a friend suggest to me that I ought "to become a teacher or something". The result was that I applied for a teaching study with a rather limited amount of spots in a bout of desperation. My studies were coming to an end, and I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was fortunate to be granted a spot, I tried it out and it turns out I loved teaching. It is the best way I can practice my hobby, without killing the joy in the process. That is awesome to hear. I feel the same way. It is that home away from home, and it represent a good period of my life, and it has brought me more treasured moments and gifts than I could ever state. I think the Community did a lot of good for people like yourself, giving you a sense of what it is like to be around people, learning to interact, socialise and how a society works. It has the anonymity required to allow you to be yourself, but memorable enough to allow you to build an identity. I remember moving out when going to University, going from a small rural community to "the big city". I felt all alone, and I knew no one. I was living in a flat with strangers, and there were so much noise everywhere, it threw me off. It was a strange, scary, and quite anxiety inducing experience to go through. I did, however, have Sal's, and I also had IRC to spend my afternoons and evenings, just chatting to people. The Community literally became home to me, as I felt far more at home while talking to people or posting here, than I did in the flat I lived in. It helped me hang in there and stay sane, certainly. For that, I will always love Sal's, and it is probably one of the core reasons why I got to where I am today. I certainly do try to get in as much time for video games as possible, but not as much as I would like, I am afraid. A lot of the games I play are ones I can do while multi-tasking. Ah, but you have yet to experience the best days ahead of you! It is nice to hear that you grew as a person from this place though. I think treasuring the good memories is something you will do for as long as you live, simply because it became such a core experience in the development of yourself as a person. One of us... one of us... one of us...
  2. My username is actually unrelated to my name in origin, as it is more related to my passion for history! I chose "Yuanrang" mostly because I needed an online name, and I liked the person it is inspired from. In certain cultures, it is common to take a "style name" upon entering adulthood. Well, when I hit my teens, the name I chose for my online identity were the same as the style name of said historical figure. Ironically, Yuan has a similarity to real life though, as my real name is Jan. I think most people that suffered my strictness would immediately protest about me being intelligent in any way, shape, or form. This might surprise you, but I am actually not a very strict person, neither in my personal life, nor while teaching. I do admit that I have had a rather zealous approach to making sure the rules were followed, but that has been more of a choice, than a reflection of who I am. I have loved the community here from the first few months. Sal's has provided me with so much through-out the years, that a part of me has wanted to treasure it. I know I have been extremely pedantic, infuriating and stern in making sure the rules are followed, but.. look at it from my perspective: A lot of people on this forum has been immature or filled with repressed emotions, making them lash out and behave in ways that either are offensive, hurtful or disruptive of others. If someone does not beat down on that kind of attitude, this place would have been far less friendly. I think we all know there has been people here that made a sport out of either harassing people, or testing the limits at how far they could go, and then get away with. I get the urge to be rebellious and fight the system, but that never give people the right to bully others. The easiest way to prevent that here, was to just to enforce the rules. I have given out hundreds of warnings over the years that I felt was unnecessary, or even harsh, because some of our rules were far stricter than I personally like. The fact that someone could get banned because they had too large a signature 7 times in a row is just utterly idiotic to me, but... at the same time.. if we had more lenient towards that, people could easier argue in favour of leniency towards other rules as well. The worst part about it all was having to do that to my friends. I have had to ban some really good friends on this forum, and that has just been a horrible experience, but.. at some point you get stuck in a cycle of having to believe in the system, because if not, what was all the other stuff good for? Am I like that in real life? Well, I believe in law and order, but not as zealously as I have done here. My zeal here was more of a reflection of the responsibility and power I had here. Had I stayed a forum member through-out my time here, I probably would have been far more vocal about my personal (negative) opinion of people, than being a cold-hearted, militant, nutjob. It is you. In fact, it is everyone that reads this thread, now or in the future. It used to be a title we either had on the first Invisionfree forum, or had in the beginning of this IPB forum. Whenever someone we all liked went missing, and it was obvious to the community, they were given a unique usergroup with the pip being the one in my signature. The titans are no one in particular, yet all of us at the same time. They are the people we care for, we miss, and we remember dearly to this day. I guess you could say it is my way of publically flagging my nostalgia and fond memories of friends, former acquaintances and so many good times with people. I think the fact that we are different is why I got to know, and respect you, in the first place. When some hot shot is making rounds causing discussion about their signature and GFX skills, you become noticed. I am a poor excuse of an artist, but even I could spot the excitement friends of mine had, when they talked about your work, or them requesting signatures from you. I must admit, I liked a lot of your creations too! I always wished I had the passion for art like everyone in the GFX section used to have. I admire people that strive to improve and learn, and that is how I learned your name, and how to respect the name "Fatalysm". I can certainly think of worse ways to be remembered and to gain the respect of others. Thanks for asking, and thanks for the compliment, even if I am a pretty boring person ever since I got old. These days, I am doing fairly well. I have reached the part in my life where I have mostly obtained the big "life goals" I set in my youth, so now I am just in that process of trying to figure out what to fill the rest of my life with. I really am not sure what to fill life with now that I have little to work towards. For now, it seems to be writing the next D&D session instead of grading English mock exams, but.. I cannot be all old and irresponsible, can I? --------------------- That is more than enough about me though. How about you, Fatalysm? How are you these days? I always saw you as this young and upcoming person who had this extreme creativity and drive to improve, but you would often get bored of your own creations, so you would be stuck in this pattern of improvement and reinventing yourself. I imagine you to be that creative person that, once you feel you mastered something, start learning something brand new. Did you make a career in graphical design? Did you, at some point, want to? Why/why not? Also, if I can go back to your post.. You say you regret not getting to know everyone here on a deeper level, yet it is obvious that there are strong ties here that keep you coming back. Do you feel you missed out in the beginning, and if so, what would you have changed the most? I see you feel that the people here helped you grow, so I guess another good question to you would be... what are the best things you learned from your time here, and the people you met? ...and if my questions are too personal, or hard to answer, I will ask you a simple question: Are you happy, or do you need someone to just vent to/talk to/listen to you? If so, poke me.
  3. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    Obligatory, and thematic, "You are not prepared!".
  4. The worst part is when you remember someone by their old names, avatars, signatures, IRC monikers or RuneScape names, but you are not entirely sure who they are anymore on these forums. I can tell you their real name, where they live in the world, bits and pieces about their real life, hopes, dreams, views and experiences.. but then suddenly, I forget their username. All you have are the memories of your interactions with them, but then you just forget some really basic, yet important, things.
  5. Yuanrang

    Opinions on Forums vs. Social Media

    I want exactly the opposite of you, in that regard. I think Reddit is great, because you are an anonymous voice and you do not matter whatsoever. On Reddit, it is the community of the subreddit that matters. On a forum, your identity has value, but it makes communities suffer for it because of this. Identities lead to conflict and strife through unnecessary, and disruptive, drama. On a subreddit, identities does not matter, because only a precious few people are recognisable on a given subreddit, as almost no one looks at the names and the people that frequent them are so numerous, it is impossible to keep track of things. Reddit is great for what it is, and to be fair, Reddit trying to integrate social media in their platform is not going to have a great outcome as they think. Reddit cannot innovate itself, because if they try, they upset the userbase that wants reddit to be what they came to love. If they do not try to innovate, site growth will decline, and they will not be competitive to the new platform that is bound to come within the next 0-20 years. It is the natural law of online communities and platforms to boom, grow, stagnate, and be replaced. There are numerous reasons as to why forums are dead, but the main one is that it is too slow a platform, and requires too much effort. Reddit, and social media, or even discord, does not. They are very instant services of entertainment and discussion, and that is their strength compared to anything else. If you want more direct interaction with people, you have Discords for that. That is a far better arena for actually feeling as a part of a smaller community where you can be recognisable, but it does require you to verbally communicate. Oh, and the entire "if Sal's had it's own runescape client" concept is not all that alien to me. We had a few serious offers of integrating our tools/content with clients that allowed you to also integrate with IRC, but.. while the offers were serious, they just ended up being problematic for the site/forum/brand to have. In all fairness, we were smart too, because that entire client got taken down because JaGEx came down hard on them after 6-12 months.
  6. For years, I have thought about making such a list, writing a personal comment, but.. where the hell do one even begin? So many years. So many names. So many name-changes. So many memories. So many that are lost to time and the void of my goldfish-like memory. Sal's has changed my way in so many ways, some small, some absolutely life altering. At some point in time, this place will go down, and we will all leave a part of ourselves behind when it does. ...but until then, this is home away from home before I got my own home. You? You are my extremely dysfunctional family, and I love you all for it.
  7. Yuanrang


    There is so much with your post, Lonelywolf, that I think fits the blog perfectly. I must admit, I like feeling nostalgic, but I had always thought of it as remembering "good times". I did not really think about that also implies your present time is not as good. I think the loneliness you describe is... tough to think about, but I would imagine a lot of people feel that way. I do not think myself responsible for Druin's death, but I understand that it was a part of the void that grew in his heart, as our community usually has served as some form of private refuge from the insanity of daily life. It sounds like a lot of us were forced to move on and take care of our lives at the same time, which left Druin feeling alone when his life crumbled around him. I know that I am not responsible, but god damn, I regret not being there for him towards the end. It is hard to not remember the good times together, the talks, or just shooting the breeze on IRC or ingame. One of the things that I both love, and hate, about myself is that if I end up liking (or, adversely, dislike) someone, I rarely forget. While I am stubborn as a mule, I can change, but it is hard to forget. That makes it doubly hard for me to cope with, because if Druin showed up today, I think I would react like I would have well over 10 years ago when just talking about music, plans for the future, or just chatting about whatever update JaGEx messed up. Friendships... they do not fade, they are just put on hold. It is easy to get back into it if you just start talking about, because respect tends to be eternal. ...but I will not ever get a chance to rekindle that with Druin, that opportunity is now gone. That's why, Lonely, I think you are right. Thanking people for the good times, and offering up an ear, is the best thing we can do. In retrospect, I am blessed to have come across so many people at Sal's, and could have shared so many great moments with. So if you read this, and we had some good talks in the past... thank you for the good moments. ...and to be fair, Lonely, I would have bought you a few beers for those words. Sharing is never rambling, and you shared something I think we all need to reflect upon and remember. I certainly did, so... thank you.
  8. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    My D&D group had their last session ending with the Cleric imprisoned and awaiting trial, so I was curious how this session would go. I predicted 8 outcomes on what they would do in this situation. I failed to forsee the 9th outcome: Attend the trial, then the Arcane Trickster gets caught trying to cast spells in the courtroom. My D&D group have their next session starting with the Cleric and the Rogue imprisoned and awaiting execution.
  9. Yuanrang

    Banned for Gold farming

    RuneScape --> Account Bans If you are blocked from checking your Account Status, there is precious little you can do other than privately contacting JaGEx and ask them about specifics. Either way, no one here can help you at that point.
  10. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    You are not on the list of winners, sir. Step away from the glory.
  11. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    Due to unforseen expenses, all prices are cancelled, and you can all abandon this thread now.
  12. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    Yeah, but then you get a week like this where you have to cram in 13 meetings in 2 days on top of the normal schedule, and then you realise... it does not necessarily move fast, but there are too much stuff to do.
  13. Yuanrang

    The last person to post here wins

    Ugh, it is May already? It felt like time barely moved in January and February, but everything past week 8 has been a blur.
  14. Yuanrang


    I think everyone would contribute by simply spreading mental health awareness, teaching people to self-care, and telling people to not give up hope for a better life. I loved the part of your comment where you said "Life can be so great, and trying to spend it alone is not worth it. It can be so much better - even if it means a lifetime of work". Life is a series of great and horrible moments, but the tragic thing about struggling with your mental health, is that you cannot see anything beyond the bleak and oppressive dread you are stuck in. Men especially are very vulnerable to this type of illnesses, because we are not really raised to be very open about our emotions and well-being, and would rather attempt to "man up", than to seek help. Since we also are slower to visit doctors, and might under-report illnesses, men are prone to not get the help they are in dire need of. Add that up with the fact that, when men do attempt to commit suicide, they are far more successful than women, and there is no wonder that men commit suicide 3-4 times more often than women.
  15. Yuanrang


    At the time he posted this, I was not very much around due to moving on to my more intense periods of my life towards the end of my University studies. It was quite a few years later when I came over a thread in the Scape Lounge where it said he just went missing one day. Well, ever since then, I have been fearing that he had commited suicide. Druin once mentioned to me once that he might just go missing some day, and we would never hear from him again. To have it confirmed... well, it hurt more than I expected it to, having been "prepared" to know that for years. Druin was.. funny, kind, smart and witty. I have met many remarkable people in my time here, and quite a few of you have become friends and acquaintances. I have shared laughs and stories with hundreds of people, and they have made my time here something I will treasure for the rest of my life. Druin though.. he is one of few that earned my respect. He did not because of something he did or said, but because of the type of person he was. I like to think that a lot of people here came to respect him for his excellence, and in that, his memory will carry on. ....as a few general notes though, since... well, what Wiltingplant mentions is important: In January 2020, a friend of mine commited suicide. I found myself being one of a few close friends of his that had to nurse my friend through the last unraveling of his sanity, as he steadily lost his will to live over the course of a few months. My friend had the intelligence of Common Sense, the wisdom of Cameron and the wit of Dani. To see someone that amazing run straight into a mental wall, and see them turn into a husk of their former self was... horrifying. It hurt the day I read a message from him and I realised he had attempted suicide. It hurt having to get his brother to go over to check in vain if he was still alive. It hurt having to inform our friends that he had passed away. 2020 was... a brutal year that changed me, simply because that death shook me to the core, and a lot of people in my group of friends have struggled since. So, everyone, I implore you all.. Take care of yourself, your loved ones, and try to show acts of care and compassion to anyone around you. Whether or not you feel affected by the global pandemic, a lot of people do find themselves isolated and alone. Norwegian studies show that children, youth and young adults are all suffering with psychological issues due to how our lives have changed, and younger generations struggle with loneliness. People around you might struggle. You might not see signs of people struggling, but trust me. They are. They need to be seen, recognised and shown some glimmer of compassion. And to all of you stubborn men here, that think you can handle it... do not be a bloody fool, and get someone to talk to. The voices, the guilt and the issues will not go away. They will just grow and become worse until either you cave in, and seek help, or your mind caves in, and you crush everyone you leave behind. In the meantime, I suppose I'll keep on truckin'. I owe that to Druin.

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