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  1. avram keeper

    Claw Pk - Holy Sweet Mother Of Jesus

    :( good luck
  2. Alright, I was on the biggest death streak I've been on in years (4) and I got pissed off at losing so much cash dying, so I went on my pure and ragged in 50k gear. This guy in a d scim attacked me, so we fought a bit, and I killed him without too much trouble with a decent dds spec. I look to pick up the loot, and I'll describe my thought process: "Sweet, got him. Loot? Oh, claws and scim. Wait-" So yeah, it basically quadrupled my bank, I got super lucky, I guess he forgot to prot item. I gave him back 400k later, and ima sell the claws, because I know if I don't I'll lose them.
  3. avram keeper

    Most Efficient Pker

    lol good one
  4. avram keeper


    Ruins right, restart now before you make a kickass pure and hate yourself for not starting over when you could.
  5. avram keeper

    Most Efficient Pker

    Alright thanks, but I absolutely abhor dungeneering, so cls is not happening I'm afraid. (Like my vocab? Abhor ) And I don't have near enough cash for ags. Would it work if I just used bgs? My friend has that and veng and he gets tons of kills.
  6. avram keeper

    Most Efficient Pker

    Alright guys, I have a question: what type of pker earns the most money? I have 2 accounts, a main and a pure. My main has 82 attack, 88 strength,82 def, 82 mage, 62 pray and 79 range. I am currently going for veng on him, I think I'll have it within a few weeks. He also has a 40m bank, but it will be closer to 30m when I have veng. I only have a whip on him, but of course, I'm asking for the most efficient way to pk, so that could change. My pure has about a 4.5m bank, and has 61 attack (fail) 80 strength, 3 defence (fail), 71 range, 82 mage, and 44 pray. I could maybe get 94 mage on him, but it would take a good long while. My question is: how can I pk on either account to get the most money per hour, what should my inv look like, etc. I COULD be convinced to get some stats up, but I don't want you guys saying just max out my accounts. My life does not revolve around runescape, and I just want to pk while making a decent profit. Which account should I use for now, and what should I do on it? And yes, I can take constructive critisizm, so don't be afraid to tell me I need to get crap up or whatever. I have seen some topics recently where people ask for help and them flame the people who try to help them if they don't like their answers. And just in case you don't know what I mean by most efficient, I mean most profit per hour. Thanks! Avram
  7. avram keeper

    Main Hybriding Outfit

    Rofl. But to add to this topic he's asking how to hybrid, not how to whip/venge pk. People are just being honest. Well to hybrid he's going to need to spend all that 18mil. Correction. To get the ability to hybrid,the EQ itself only costs about 700k/scim/mystic/rune. You be moilin' you be vengin' you be spendin'. @Mike,there'l be a time where my name will be sumin more than good looking . Predator btw moiling is the coolest verb ever. And you don't techically need turmoil to be amazing at briding, buy you do need range, and since u were a jerk about it when someone asked ur range lvl, i assume its not very high.
  8. avram keeper

    I Firerage I

    ya need 94 mage if u wanna hybrid
  9. avram keeper

    Best 1+ Bh World Drop?

    you can get double or more of any ancient warrior armour, just like how people have gotten double corrupts in f2p. technically, i guess the game could drop you 28 agses, if your targ were risking them in just a BH world. (and you were risking the same value of the agses) 29 if they were wielding one. Technicalities ftw! And I think the original poster just meant killing someone, not your friend, and getting something like that.
  10. avram keeper

    Doesntplayrs's First Pking Vid- L33t.

    I hadn't ever heard the first or last song in a pk video, but I believe you. But who uses 'Ain't no sunshine'? I thought that was pretty creative
  11. So I finally finished my F2P pking vid- my first real one ever, so don't hate too much. Leave a comment saying your from sals.
  12. avram keeper

    Pk Vid

    Alright thanks I kind of figured it out, the vids out now, I'm going to put up a new thread for it though. Thanks guys
  13. avram keeper

    Pk Vid

    So guys, I'm trying to make a f2p pk vid, however, it's not the clips i need, I already have clips of 18 kills. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea how to edit at all, not even the slightest. I'm used to iMovie, but I'm on my desktop, and it's a pc. Is anyone good at editing with Windows Live Movie Maker? It's 40 minutes long with all the clips right now, so I can't put it out like this, and I want the video to be well edited. Can anybody help?
  14. avram keeper

    Was 40 Def A Mistake?

    The reason people don't like "defence n00bs" is because you can't hit on them, so you can't ko them, but they have low combat stats, so they can ko, so basically it's just a waste of time and food on both sides. Doubt you'll be that good, sorry. You could get range really high, (people are saying 70, i think to be decent 80) or you could start over.
  15. avram keeper

    Decisions Decisions

    Foe generally has a higher status to be in, but go to one event of each, see how you like it.

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