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  1. lord jimoca

    Whats The Easiest Skill To Get To 99?

    To Thirty: RuneCrafting Fletching Firemaking To Ninety-Nine: Fletching
  2. lord jimoca

    Alchers Say They Hate Randoms

    I wouldn't know better. I don't even care about herblore and some lucky guy would've found it on the ground XD. I still hate randoms.
  3. lord jimoca

    Rune Ess Pouches

    You shouldn't be in that situation if you keep track of them and repair them.
  4. lord jimoca

    Fist Of Guthix

    1) Prizes are tradable(most of them). 2) Levels don't really matter, when you get hunted your stats always get reduced and become easy kill. 3) Max, thanks to the incompetent hunter I was paired with. Second one is a biggie. I hate being hit by a level 27! Still, I do win most of time. Other times, I hit my keyboard seeing I lost to someone really low compared to me. To be honest, it is so hard to find your guy in the huge pile of people.
  5. lord jimoca

    Jagex Hates Me Tbh

    Lol, never tried barrows. Mainly because my 99 attack make me stink...a lot.
  6. lord jimoca

    Ubh Vs Latin Killers

    Nice job UBH, kill them Latin Killers! Romans rule! Really big war; I can imagine it took a while.
  7. lord jimoca

    A Little Story About Clan Wars

    This is a real story, so don't expect some of those far out "fantasies." So my clan and I were doing some clan wars in world 17. TBH, it was the pawnage (since we beat every clan and we didn't want to go against some of those huge "90 person" clans). Anyways, we run into this one clan, it's just about 20 people but pretty big for a non-organized clan. So we kill them off like they are level two goblins. We come back to this last guy who just keeps running. Finally, we got him pinned down with a bind. He's down to maybe 3 hp by then and then. BAM! A teleport. All of us were like laughing on TS it was the funniest thing. And if your not laughing, it's probably cause you had to be there.
  8. lord jimoca

    Help Us Hunters!

    They also need to fix that glitch with the arrow pointing to nothing. Loses me rank.
  9. lord jimoca

    Jagex Hates Me Tbh

    Eh, you'll get better some day.
  10. lord jimoca

    The Creed Vs Gods Of Wilderness

    Great job guys! Really proved that binding is what wins wars. However, being on the other side of the binds can get very annoying. o.O
  11. lord jimoca

    Help Us Hunters!

    It's extremely easy to get 3,000 charges, at least for me. However, what I totally hate is that I can't chase anyone around without losing them in a million ways. I mean, can't we get a break and get at least one thing to help us kill the guy? I mean the hunted get teleports, portals, running around like freaks, rocks, extremely big space to run in. I think we should get something that is similar to bounty locate but only be able to use it once or maybe twice.
  12. lord jimoca

    Fist Of Guthix

    Quite honestly, it would be very difficult to match up a 117 with someone else around the same area because there's a lot less of us 110+'s than there are you 50's and 60's. Also, it's not hard to beat me even though I'm 110. You just need to be good at running and somehow hit on me a lot.
  13. lord jimoca

    Revent Hunting!

    It's so boring and when your getting hit by the 126, that guy can take you out quick. I don't know, maybe it's cause my guys sucks. XD
  14. lord jimoca

    Jagex Hates Me Tbh

    Like two days ago lol
  15. lord jimoca

    Jagex Hates Me Tbh

    LMFAO, finally I got my first drop that was over 10,000 gp. LOL, best I've gotten before this is a rune med. helm. Well, I think it's safe to say that Jagex hates me XD. Still, it's too bad it's not a visage . Would've been even better :P. Dragon legs are only 900K now :).

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