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  1. B9sully


  2. B9sully

    Dh Or Ver

    I'm pretty sure all of the Melee Barrow sets' helms, plates, and legs have all the same stats - roughly. Verac's has a prayer bonus though. But not enough to warrant the 2m price tag, or whatever it is nowadays. I have Torag's Helm, Guthan's Plate, and Verac's Skirt. Works fine for me.
  3. B9sully


    It's usually around even with your kill count. So they drop the 4 noted Adamantite bars 25% of the time, roughly.
  4. B9sully


    Don't wear full Karil's. Don't wear the top and bottom there together. You'd get creamed. My usual setup is: Torag's Helm Blessed d'hide Verac's Plateskirt Snakeskin Boots Rune Crossbow + Broad Bolts Zamorak Book Karil's top and bottom add up to +90 range defense. I get more than that in my Verac's Plateskirt alone - Torag's legs has the same bonuses as Verac's skirt. When tanking, defense is more important than range attack bonuses.
  5. B9sully


  6. B9sully

    Some Is A Bit Excited

    Haha. 'Get yourself a real boyfriend/girlfriend/dragon.' I'm surprised at how nonchalant the MOD was. I expected a more, angry reply. Funny stuff though.
  7. B9sully

    Barrows Safespots

    I heard with the new graphics update, that some new Barrows safespots were discovered, allowing you to safespot them in their crypt. Can anyone explain to me exactly how to do this? I know that they've already fixed this problem, but just out of curiosity. And I also hear that now the Brothers randomly move if you safespot them. Does this apply to tunnel/ladder safespots too? Thanks.
  8. All of the other trimmed armors' plumes correspond to their trim. But since Rune Fulls are red plumed now, they look exactly the same as Zammy Helms.
  9. With the new update, all rune full helms have a red plume, in spite of the purple plume shown on the inventory screen. Is there a difference anymore between Zamorak Full Helms and the normal Rune Full Helm? Saradomin Helms are white plumed, as they always were.
  10. Hey, a couple of days ago, I submitted a request for the PayByCash method. One month membership. I already had a balance with PayByCash, due to them not accepting Sacajawea Dollars (Who knew?) I sent in $3, which would make the balance sufficient for a one-month membership. However, it would still be short 90 cents or so with the new price update. Anybody know if I would be exempt from this price raise?
  11. B9sully

    Women Scare More Easily Then Guys

    hmm ok lets say theres a spider and a girl sees it... she would like scream and a guy would just laugh at anything like that I'm terrified of spiders, terrified. Disregard my profile, i'm a male. D: Who isn't? =[ Afraid of spiders I mean -- not the part about being male =/ I think that some girls purposefully act scared for the attention. ...Maybe if I scream, some macho jock will swoop me up in his arms, and carry me away... I agree that it is based on personality, not gender. And I don't know many people -- girls or boys -- who would scream when the power goes out.
  12. B9sully

    Our Opinion

    I'm Catholic, but I find myself too often questioning the standards and ideas that the majority of Catholics -- and Christians for that matter -- live by. I don't know if it's just a 'phase' that teens usually go through or what. While I do believe in God deep down I guess, I always lean more towards the scientific approach first, and then give God/religion a secondary glance. U wouldn't know Paul if he was standing infront of ur arrogant face! Who do u think u are buddy, coming here and damning a great historical figure and all those who believe in the trinity? Im a Catholic buddy. I live my life to the fullest, helping those around me with my encouragement and support. Something Jesus preached about. Those that mean I should be damned? And don't even dare put Jesus in ur words because I doubt whether u can spot his teachings even if I hit u with a brick with the words writen on it. I find your words arrogant, self righteous and senseless. How can u expect a man who never read a science textbook to talk about nuclear physics. Read the Bible before even thinking that u know Christ. :) I find that rather arrogant. "How dare you..." "Who do you think you are..."
  13. B9sully

    99 Cooking!

    Even though sharks cost a bit, they give 210xp each. Lobsters are, what, 120xp ea? So you would have to cook almost two times as many lobsters as you would sharks. With the time that you've saved cooked sharks rather than lobsters, you can pick flax, mine pure essence, or do whatever you do to gain money. Anyways, what I do is buy a couple thousand swordfish (That's what I'm cooking), then put the rest of my money into the Exchange for merchanting purposes. I've only lost 1m or so getting from 82 cooking to 96 -- almost 97.
  14. B9sully

    Rate Meh :o

    I'm pretty much in love with your bank. So organized. Work on that mining, as Florty said. Get some adamantite! =] 7/10
  15. I would wait a bit. Make some more money with whatever method you use. After all, you need money to make money with merchanting.

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