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  1. latinokingcol

    Multi-site Steel War 4 (oct 18, 2pm Edt)

    ogfg i died cuz of ambush too ! o well >.> at least theres an after party =D
  2. okayy.. ill be a scout or a guard. u guys choose for me. im 65 str 55 attack 50 def 50 mage and 50 ranged with 43 prayer. and 61 hits =) count me in.
  3. latinokingcol

    Red Arm Gang (growing Fast!)

    oke nvm.. count me out.. no1 is ever on =\ i havent even been added into the clan chats >< nvm i just want to join a clan thats a bit more active.
  4. latinokingcol

    Redskin's General Store

    Name of acc: latinkingcol Department working for: ores Lvls needed in department: im lvl 72 mining Times you are on: 1-4 hours during weekdays, during weekends: depends if im going out or staying in :|
  5. latinokingcol

    Hiring Air Runners U Can Make 75k Hour

    im in, im kinda low on cash theese days, add me- latinkingcol
  6. latinokingcol

    Is Your Rs Hobby A...secret?

    hell to the no! my family are the only ones who know about this..one time my bro was taking random pics, and he happened to catch me and on the screen was runescape! and if i know him, and if i made him mad i knew he would put it on facebook.. i made him veryyyyyy angry that day.. i had to ninja my way into his room take his camera and erase all proof of everything and everithing incriminating im lucky hes an idiot bcuz by then next day he forgot what he was mad about and everything was happy again but yeh.. its a secret for me
  7. latinokingcol

    Behind the Scenes - October

    i think that people will ike this update.. it wont die faster. imagine in multisite steel wars. every site can have a different city, and establish raids on the opposing sites city, until one of the sites has completely taken over all of runescape. then they win.. this is gonna be really fun as you can actually hold people up for theyr stuff.. like "gimme all your yews u stupid skiller or ill 1 hit u! nao" doesnt that seem like fun?
  8. latinokingcol

    Red Arm Gang (growing Fast!)

    yea we planing to make a vid on it and put it on it to advertise the clan alrite cool im in.
  9. latinokingcol

    A True Story.

    omg thats crazed ive heard so many versions of stories like theese but each one of them suprises me. if he was really such a cool guy that the football player liked him than maybe all he shouldve done was learn to be a little more outgoing. if the world was more outgoing everything would be much more better imo =\
  10. latinokingcol

    Star Wars V Star Trek?

    i would say none of the above, as i would actually like to get some for the remaining period of my life
  11. latinokingcol

    Pics Of Yourself!

    idk y i bite my lip its a habit
  12. latinokingcol

    Red Arm Gang (growing Fast!)

    my user name is latinkingcol i am lvl 70 and i will join but i need to know if we are going to be fighting in the new wilderness update coming very soon, its coming like next week i belive, so if you are gonna be fighting in it then ill join.
  13. latinokingcol


    well if ur latino like me. most dont get spanked, we get our butts whooped. my dad will hit me with whatever is at hand. my mom threw a plate at me once, and i turned out finee.so if that does nothing then spanking is perfectly normal too
  14. latinokingcol


    when you talking to her you dont go all out and talk to her like ur madly in love with her . u have to be a bit of a jerk to her by making fun of something she just did that was dumb or something ;depends on the situation always smile at her when doing this or else she will take it for real , just a sprinkle of it though dont overdoit. u want her to like u not hate you, but you must also show her your sweet side when you 2 are alone(complimenting,smiling a lotttttt and laughing at all her jokes). you have to be funny and quickwitted too. find out who her closest friends are and talk to them. act the same way u act to her (funny,a sprinkle of jerkysh,etc) and get them to think ur a cool person so theyll talk to your future girl about you, and if uve been doing your stuff right than she will most likely be thinking about you every now and then, her firends talking about you will assure this. when u hang out with her and her friends you must be the same way to all of them except the one you like. smile at her every now and then, show her that you find her more special then the other ones in her group, this will not go unnoticed and they will start to talk about it when you leave. if they notice this and you have done all the steps right then they will start talking to her about how they think he likes you and if she likes you back chances are that they know, and of course heres where the hard part comes in. finding out if she likes you back. you never know even if youve done this all right if she likes you back, her heart might b somewhere else u never know. theres no universal way of finding out if they like you back. you just have to go with instinct and guts to pull it off right... or you could just ask her friends, either way ull get what u worked for. i hope this helps! good luck with the love life <3 :) ps: and for the love of god dont mention runescape!!!
  15. latinokingcol

    Glitchy Topic

    hes actully kneeling to the other guy but still

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