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    I have been a RuneScape player since September 2004.

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    Mining, Ranging, and Magic
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  1. Knifeslinger

    Sin City Sig

    Uh, I'm an amateur signature maker, but I was bored today so I made this siggy. It's Kevin from Sin City... Thanks for the feedback!
  2. Knifeslinger

    *shy Wave*

    Welcome, who's your sis?
  3. Knifeslinger

    Do You Type Or Click Smiley?

    I type unless I don't know the name for it.
  4. Knifeslinger

    Pink Floyd Vs. The Who

    Wow, I was actually expecting more votes for The Who, which is the band I also voted for.
  5. Knifeslinger

    Vote For My Member Title

    Ha, I only understood "No, this is Patrick" after I voted. Not sure how many people would get that, but I like it.
  6. Knifeslinger

    Congratulations To...

    Hey, I actually know all the promoted people this time! :) Congratz all, especially Doom, I was wondering how long it would take before you became a DM.
  7. Knifeslinger

    Dog Beaten To Death With Brick

    Wow, thanks Egghe for removing that link, apparently it saved me from a very disturbing website. Anyways, any form of torture or murder to animals is just...well...it really makes me wonder whats going on in the person's mind....
  8. Knifeslinger

    The Pet Page

    Wow, your family must really like animals! Unfortunately, my mom hates pets and we have never had a single pet in our house.
  9. Knifeslinger

    Small Tx School Allows Teachers To Carry Guns

    You seriously think that the school would give guns to teachers they think would shoot a student if they get mad?
  10. Knifeslinger

    Best Star Wars Film

    Empire Strikes Back is the best, no question.
  11. Avatar 4/10 Sig 5/10 They are both really bad quality, just doesn't look good.
  12. Knifeslinger

    Walt Disney World/land :d

    I've been to all the parks in Disney World, and I'd say Magic Kingdom or MGM studios is the best. The best ride is the Rock n' Roller coaster, by far.
  13. Knifeslinger

    Would You Eat It If You Know How Many Calories It Had?

    I don't care how many calories it has, I've never been the slightest fat and I don't think it will happen anytime soon.
  14. Knifeslinger

    How Famous Are You On Sal's Runescape Forums?

    8/10 - see you a lot.

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