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  1. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spice_trade
  2. Your thoughts? Personally, I find this law is a near neo-communistic deliberate devaluation of the individual will in favor of 'collective' wellbeing. A radical utilitarian approach (doing the most good for the maximum amount of people) even if this means violating some (minor? less important?) ethics along the way. Let me elaborate: This law means that anyone is automatically assumed to be available for donorship - unless you manually opt out. This means that all young adults, most of which are not very mentally occupied with the concept of death just yet (and therefore likely not to have opted 'in' or 'out), will be part of this group. This means that, in theory, an 18-year old who gets in a motorcycle accident will have his/her organs transplanted. Any wishes the parents or siblings may have about this are deemed irrelevant. What do you think? May it be worth to disregard this in favor of saving a life? Should donorship always be voluntary? What is the main 'source' of all these newly-required life-saving organs?
  3. On one hand, a gun is an object with an intended purpose. In this case, the purpose is (objectively) to kill. The same can be said for bows and swords, for example, although the latter two lack in 'efficiency' when it comes to the damage they can do within a set period of time. Indisputably, guns are more lethal than swords or bows, but not illegal in the U.S. for identical reasons (these reasons being hobbyism and sportsmanship). I'm personally not citing the second amendment because, in theory, the government is far too well-armed in both the aspects of physical weaponry and intelligence to be overthrown by loosely-organised local militias - although I completely understand the ethical value in preserving the individual in the face of tyranny and the wish to keep weaponry, even if it is just as a quasi-political statement. Ethically, the issue is complicated. Let's approach it from a utilitarian perspective, i.e. 'trying to achieve the maximum good for the maximum number of people'. I've been digging through some statistics and came across this, featured in the BBC (2016 article, data from 2012) This shows me two things: a.) Homicides in the U.S. are incredibly high in comparison to the other three countries. b.) The majority of these homicides are committed using guns. This, however, hasn't fully convinced me that making guns illegal won't cause at least a significant part of these murders to be committed using other tools. Besides that, simply comparing the non-gun homicides already shows a unusually large discrepancy when comparing the figures. Does anyone else have any data to support or deny this? How do we know the United States has a 'gun problem' and not a 'homicide problem'? I personally feel very conflicted on this issue.
  4. I feel you there. If I remember correctly there were several studies linking smell to the ingraining of memories in the brain - certain smells can throw you right back. Yes. Don't want to sound like a grumpy elitist, but it sure seems like the vast majority forgot how to have fun when it doesn't directly involve XP/item rewards. Something about a carrot and a stick.
  5. It's been a long while since we were greeted by this logo. On a very related note: what fills you with nostalgia? An old tune, TV show perhaps? Share it with us.
  6. my hobbies include trying to synchronise when i fart with my toast popping out of the toaster
  7. Jebus. "You never leave Sal's" was a great meme, but it's true. It pulls you back periodically. What's up? dani r bare lolololol
  8. Got a dupe of this topic running at the OSRS forums, QFC 16-17-520-65724766.
  9. Okay so invention is coming, but consider this: you can start training it after reaching 80 in smithing, divination and crafting. So what does this mean for the milestone capes? That any milestone cape (even level 10) will therefore require level 80 in those skills? I'm super curious.
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