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  1. The Prodigy

    SOTW 120-2 Voting

    Alright, looks like Zooey wins with Ramon in 2nd, and Satan & myself in last place. Good battle guys :D
  2. The Prodigy

    Rustyy. [CnC]

    The only decent looking one is the fourth. You need to work on text placement, and lighting, mostly. The tags also need more depth, they're just looking like there's not enough going on in them for them to be very eye-grabbing.
  3. The Prodigy

    SOTW 120-2 Voting

    Prodigy SatansFate Zooey Ramon GO GO GO!
  4. The Prodigy

    SOTW 120-2

    Alright, posting the voting topic.
  5. The Prodigy

    SOTW 120-2

    Here's my entry: And just to remind everyone, I'll be posting the voting topic tomorrow when I wake up, or as soon as we have 3 entries.
  6. The Prodigy


    The text is very unappealing and doesn't flow well. The point where you left the stock and just worked on something else is very much visible and creates quite a nasty seam. I'm not a big fan of the effects and colors you used, either.
  7. The Prodigy

    Signature Request

    If I weren't already working on something, I'd make it for you, but sadly I am.
  8. The Prodigy

    My current WIP

    It's for a SOTW on Tag Freak. The theme is horror
  9. The Prodigy

    My current WIP

    Just thought I'd see what you guys thought before I went ahead and finished it. This isn't my SOTW entry, although I did start it today.
  10. The Prodigy

    SOTW 120-2

    Well if we're gonna keep it as the post to vote, we'll make it so they have to list a reason or it won't be counted. Instead of the, "So-and-so 3pts" and leaving it at that.
  11. The Prodigy

    SOTW 120-2

    I need to find a stock.
  12. The Prodigy

    Time for a paradox.

    It's good to know that you're an expert on stealing tags, I'll keep that in mind. lol I didn't mean it in that sense.
  13. The Prodigy

    SOTW 120-2

    The current SOTW rules seem outdated, but if nobody likes them, we'll use the old ones. But I'm gonna still be making the userbars and whatnot for the winners, and I think the host participation rule should stay.
  14. The Prodigy

    Time for a paradox.

    Not to be a dick, but your tags aren't ones I'd steal.
  15. The Prodigy

    Time for a paradox.

    Sprite tag needs to have the text adjusted, and I know you have problems with that. Lighting could be better on the second one and the text is just unbelievably distracting from the rest of the tag.

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