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  1. Kemosabe


    I want a 4 year update on what ya got now
  2. still here, still breathing

    1. Sobend


      How's the army?

  3. Kemosabe

    Sal's Shoddy Guestbook

    If you could find a space to print "Don't forget about Kemosabe" that'd be great.
  4. It's not like I'm disappearing off the face of the earth (although I will be soon), there's just a myriad of contributors. I still check these forums nearly every day and I'm not sure why. It's a shame the community here has disappeared, but I guess we all move on at some point. I was just 11 years old when I first joined these forums in 2007 - I've spent more than half my life as a member of this community and in a way you could almost see me grow up just going through my post history, as cringe as it is. So I guess here is my first reason - there is nothing drawing me here anymore. All of my old friends from the "good old days" have disappeared. There is no new content or any sort of thriving community to be a part of. It sucks to say but it's the truth, unfortunately. I'll still check on a rare occasion but I won't participate and soon I won't be able to even if I wanted. Second reason would be that I've finally maxed on RuneScape. I've played this game for about 13 years (12.5 on the same account) and everything that was drawing me to continue playing has now been completed. I'm not interested in any mindless grind or completing all the quests - I'm satisfied knowing I got 99 in all my skills. Finally. Thirdly, I'm joining the New Zealand army in January as an officer. I won't be able to play any games or check any websites for the next year. This is the primary reason, because I'd probably still bum around if I wasn't busy doing anything else. If any of you guys wanna stay in touch, flick me a PM and if I feel like I know you well enough we can exchange social media/whatever. Otherwise, au revoir! P.S. screenshots weeow
  5. Happy birthday @Druin 

    1. Wiltingplant


      Miss that guy :(

  6. Kemosabe

    They're shutting down FunOrb!

    Oh wow, I had no idea it was still running. Guess I'll have to get back onto it so I can miss it more when it gets taken down.
  7. Kemosabe


    Haha yeah I'm just trying to follow you everywhere! 9th in the world and the spirit award, so we're pretty chuffed. Perth was incredible and driving across the Nullabor was a fantastic experience (although I don't think I could do it again, we drove a total of 6000km in less than two weeks). I think I'll have to go back sometime and do more of the west coast, apart from Perth we only stopped in Margaret River for a couple of hours.
  8. Kemosabe


    Nah head down the east coast, I'll be heading that way in August and you could give me suggestions
  9. I still check in here every so often as well. Not that I ever post anything lol
  10. Kemosabe

    am i a god

  11. Kemosabe

    Much Ado About (North) Korea

    From what I understand, a lot of what's happening is just noise. The North Korean regime don't want to go to war with the USA, they know they'll be annihilated. If they strike first, they lose all of their support. The US doesn't want to strike first, because they'll piss off everyone in the region and lose a lot of influence.
  12. Kemosabe

    The upgrade

    Wow, what a change to wake up to. Edit: Wow, it's been so long since I last had to as well - how do I change my signature?
  13. Kemosabe

    The break up

    Wow, just because I'm from New Zealand you automatically assume something rugby related? Racist :P
  14. Kemosabe

    The break up

    I'll be participating in this! I'll probably fly in sometime around New Years to start preparing, and then I'm gonna drive back across to Melbourne/Sydney with a friend afterwards. Definitely let me know if you're around :)
  15. Kemosabe

    The break up

    Are you still going to be in Perth in January? I'll be there for a couple of weeks.
  16. Kemosabe

    I'm back??? (Is Gogl really back?)

    Yay we have a fifth member!
  17. Kemosabe

    first entry since 08

  18. Kemosabe

    Best Ice Cream Flavor

    Cookies and Cream is good, but Hokey Pokey is hands down the best flavour of ice cream.
  19. Kemosabe

    PU Battlegrounds

    Anyone else been playing it? I was wary at first considering the price and it being early access but a friend told me he easily got his money's worth (and I had a half dozen other friends also playing it) so I got it and I'm hooked. My favourite match I've had so far was the first time I got a win playing duo with a friend, we had one kill between us and that was literally the last guy to win the game. HMU if you're keen to play.
  20. Kemosabe

    what in tarnation

  21. Kemosabe

    Few RS updates

    I rarely play the game anymore, doing nothing more than occasionally logging in to do some dailies. I did put some effort in on DXPW, getting 99 Farming and a few other levels in the process. Also been grinding out Agility and Hunter through dailies and got 99 in both today. Screenshots below. I've got three weeks off uni over Easter + mid semester break so might do some more active scaping. Kinda keen to get into training Invention but I'm not really interested in training Slayer/grinding out kills. Felt like I'd share seeing as this place is so inactive nowadays, at least posting something new provides content for people who lurk like me ;)
  22. So this is a super small sample but of the one herb run I've done with it, it activated once mid harvest of a patch. Second point - automatically notes all harvested items.
  23. Kemosabe

    Hey Kemosabe

    I'm not a fan of basketball sneakers in general, the only style I like are the 1s and even then mostly in specific colourways.

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