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  1. knee grow

    Is This A Good Computer?

    If you don't know what you're talking about, then don't. Vista barely crashes, less than XP I can gaurantee you. Maybe not on a PC built for XP, but on a new OEM PC, that should be no problem at all. I think it was about start 2007 when Vista was released, and the SP came out in (I think) August, that's 7-8 months, isn't it? :exclaim: And you don't need two gigabytes of RAM to support Vista. Maybe if you want to do heavy gaming, or run a load of applications at the same time. i do know what im talking about the public version they stared working on sp1 like 2 months after xp almost never crashes. Also you need like 3-4 gb or ram for it to come close to run smothly. I i dont want to get in a debate now im not in a good mood. Someone put this guy out of his misery.
  2. knee grow

    I Hate It When I Change Schools

    Grammar. Retard.
  3. knee grow


    In a year, maybe a half a year, nobody will care because everybody will like girls. Tell her & trust me it isn't that bad
  4. knee grow

    What Did You Learn Today?

    how to have fun with word filters knee grow = negro? lolz
  5. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Just picked up GWEN. Installed the CD. Should I use the access key or should i wait until the 31st?
  6. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    http://www.gamestop.com/product.asp?product%5fid=647005 GW:EN is out, apparently, but you can't play it yet of course.
  7. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Yes, because you reserve it for yourself by buying the pre-release. :/ EDIT: unless you buy the pre-release from amazon or ebay
  8. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    How long do we have to preorder? Up until the release date?
  9. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Is preorder out in USA?
  10. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    I'll end up buying it soon instead of bugging you guys for trials xD I'll guess if you've all been playing for so long it's good.
  11. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Are gwen system requirements higher than the other games?
  12. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    I'm getting a bit desprete. I REALLY would like to try Guild Wars. If anyone has a spare Trial Key for Guild Wars (ANY of them) I would really appreciate it. Thank you all, Hannibal
  13. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Still in need of a trial key anybody >.<
  14. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    Do you have a Prophecies/NightFall Trail Key, I want to do what Jamster is going to do XD. Maybe If I like it Ill buy it =O Edit: I just though of something... Does that festival Hats guy in Shing Jea remake them even if they were lent to you from someone else? I'm first in line for a trial key.. I've been waiting for almost 2 days.
  15. knee grow

    Official Guild Wars Thread

    How do you get 50 trial codes anyway?

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