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  1. Tiddyn

    F U Bosnia Herzegovina

    Belgium should have never stopped trying
  2. Tiddyn

    Bank Picture

    Collect amulets of glory. I always loved doing that xD
  3. Tiddyn

    99 Herblore

    Very nice :D If I don't make it, gratz :P
  4. Tiddyn

    Reffering Is A Good Thing!

    You stopped counting at 4.. :P But yeah, it's a good idea. The 10% isn't that big of a deal, it's just a nice little reward.
  5. Tiddyn

    97 Att And Def And 134 Cmb

    Gratz eggh :) Got 97 attack yesterday too.. Only still 4 cmb lvls behind you. How's the slayer coming along?
  6. Tiddyn

    Yo Dawg

    Then again, if he doesn't represent himself he loses by default.
  7. Tiddyn

    Give Me Courage!

    Somehow I expected Courage the cowardly dog to show up when I saw the title... So much happy memories.
  8. Tiddyn

    New Chip Skylark Song!

    OMG, I love that song. I´ve got all his albums.
  9. Tiddyn

    Bonus Xp Weekend

    Very nice Merch :) The weekend was good :)
  10. Tiddyn


    By stacking shelves
  11. Tiddyn

    96 Herbderplore Reached!

    BTW, I still think that Hunterdingting sounds beter than Herbderplore :P
  12. Tiddyn

    96 Herbderplore Reached!

    Very impressive :) Now it's time for prayer?
  13. Tiddyn

    The Return Of Free Trade

    I think I'll be close to 300m cash again, was a bit under 250m before free trade came back but the 99's aren't that interesting atm to me, I want turmoil and overloads, not the cape :P I won't be greedy either, I just want 92 herblore (extreme range right?) for the diary. Excalibur will be mine.. Someday :P
  14. Tiddyn

    The Return Of Free Trade

    If you already earn that much get 99 herb and pray and help me too? (A) :P Well, helping me would be the least important.

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