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  1. feels good living in a state with almost the highest number of days in lockdown in the world ammiright B) in slightly nicer news i have my first pfizer vaccine booked for next saturday yippee
  2. wtf that had no right to be that good proud of u lil m'n'm
  3. yooooo fatia what's happening dude. what's this bs about you having a girlfriend?? I'm pretty sure my sig has verifiable proof that you are single :o i had some pretty tight times with ya, u were a pvp god to me!! hope life's been well for you, and your gf is awesome and stuff
  4. but u just created a new topic u are a LIAR
  5. damn lmao they found the one articulate post from 17 year old kam
  6. happy 13th of october @im gona mill burray ur mom
  7. Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
  8. I finished school, traveled a bunch last year, now looking for a job. I liked last year better :[
  9. supppppp leooooooo, what are you up to these days
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