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  1. SccrlTiffy

    Activity Check

    RuneScape Name: Sccrplyar3 RuneScape Clan: Forgotten Templars
  2. SccrlTiffy

    Split Vision Vs The Creed

    it was a forfeit shouldn't be posted its a tad pointless imo
  3. SccrlTiffy

    Forgotten Templars Vs Adelais

    Sccrplyar3 lowest level there Got piled around 25-20ish .. They got off of me because I tanked em and they couldn't find me :) With only 2 half pizza left then died later on after the piled me again o.o Terrible organization though
  4. SccrlTiffy

    Forgotten Templars Vs The Shadow

    Good Job looked fun
  5. SccrlTiffy

    Elite Order Vs Ronin

    congratz guys.. you did very well
  6. SccrlTiffy

    Ft V Fr - Fullout

    OMG THAT WAS SOOOOOOO ANNOYING..................... noobs GJ FT
  7. SccrlTiffy

    Ft+ts Vrs Corruption

    Hmm, was fun. Tried binding the most I could, stupid snipers. lol Got me low food so I couldn't last long, tanked 3 hp xD
  8. SccrlTiffy

    Ft Beat Torment

    Good fight, well done Ft. Honestly binding while being piled? =o
  9. SccrlTiffy

    Ft Vrs Cd

    Honestly so fun <- 126 Binder guthix onyx =ooooo lol Gf
  10. SccrlTiffy

    Ft Music Video

    xD Gj everyone who was in the video .. honestly I fail at singing
  11. SccrlTiffy

    Forgotten Templars Vs. Relentless

    Congrats Ft, I was suspecting this win.. Gj Relentless Ft ftw
  12. SccrlTiffy

    Ft V Tri

    This event was.. lol just fun ... Good job it was fun :)

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