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  1. ZacharyB

    Declaring Be Lovely to Zach Day :D

    Also, didn't you do this..last year? < _ < >_> edit: no you didn't i'm crazy :D
  2. ZacharyB

    Declaring Be Lovely to Zach Day :D

    you guys are so nice <3
  3. ZacharyB


    Dad had his surgery a few weeks ago. He's a-ok. His lymph nodes were negative, which is supposed to be a good thing I think. They had to take a third of his stomach, so we're all joking that he got a free dietary plan. :)
  4. ZacharyB


    I don't come on Sals enough. I LOVE THE FORUM UPDATE.
  5. ZacharyB


    He's going in surgery on Friday. : o
  6. I've meant to do this for awhile now. Anyway we're looking into getting dad into surgery Feb 10th at the earliest. He's going to Dartmouth. There's a 50% chance that he won't have to do chemo and all that, and only a 2% he'll die on the operating table. So that's good... Only thing I'm worried about...the doctor said that if it the cancer has spread to his chest they won't operate. Hopefully it hasn't...mom said it was a slow growing tumor or whatever earlier. We'll find out if it's spread sooner or later. Just gotta think positive for now.
  7. ZacharyB

    Followup To Earlier Depressing Entry

    <3 for the words thoughts etc everyone
  8. ZacharyB

    Not A Good Start To 2012

    Just a heads up that there might be emo sounding complaining or general rambling in this entry. Anyway, my dad has been in the hospital since Friday. He has been in the hospital for pancreatitis three times now. For those who know the symptoms, he doesn't drink, or do any of those other things that can cause it which is an abnormality. It's just odd that he's gotten it so many times since he shouldn't have gotten it. But yeah, that's where he (and our family) spent our new year's eve and first day of 2012. That's not even the worst part though. He got diagnosed with duodenum cancer (yeah, that's a thing) on Saturday. There's a slow growing tumor that's around two inches in his duodenum that hopefully hasn't spread cancer to other parts in his body. I just don't know what to do. Our family has been talking about it, but I don't know who else to talk to. I know what it's like to be at the other end of having to hear about someone talk about their sick relatives and it's just awkward. I don't want to be selfish and just make my friends feel bad because they don't know what to do to help me. I also don't feel worried. Is that a problem? My brother's worried sick. He hasn't gotten any sleep and he's been crying a lot. But I haven't lost any sleep or shed a tear yet. Yeah, I'm worried, but like...I'm sure dad's gonna be okay. Should I be more worried? I dunno. I'm just so confused. :D
  9. ZacharyB


    In Helm's strange world, summoning is as broken as American education.
  10. ZacharyB

    Not A Good Start To 2012

    <3 Thanks for the kind words everyone :wub:
  11. ZacharyB

    Well I'm Bored

    See you in a few days!
  12. ZacharyB

    Canting Festival Stuff #2

    If there's nothing here, then assume that nothing much has changed. ;) For those who are interested, Canting Away is hosting a 24 hour festival that just started four minutes ago. Link to the event page is on merch's blog here EDIT: There were some changes in the festival, but we worked things out pretty smoothly. Thanks for a good beginning so far, I'll be on for the later festivities. ;)
  13. ZacharyB

    Sal's Realm Vs Canting Away F2p Clan Wars Event

    That didn't stop us last year. :(
  14. ZacharyB

    Canting Winter Solstice Festival 2011 - December 28th

    Change my event to a surprise event at 3.00. :)
  15. ZacharyB


    Yes It's making fun of people that confuse then/than also *it's @tabt <3
  16. ZacharyB

    I Love Reddit

    Reddit is mostly filled with pictures of cats and people worrying about SOPA. You have to sift through comments to get these gems (or if you're lucky they'll be at the top of the page).
  17. ZacharyB

    Congratulation Redmonke!

    Wrong. ;D I believe that was the joke.
  18. ZacharyB

    Canting Winter Solstice Festival 2011 - December 28th

    ahahahahahahahahhahahahaha d1d's doing castle wars :') Anyway I'll take hide and seek at 3.00. There will probably be rewards. EDIT: Oof, I see someone is doing hide and seek. I'll do Gnomeball relay then. :) No rewards though, as it is a team event. :P You can link to my blog entry about it, however I will be revising the course. :)
  19. Community College. Computer Apps 1. took that class in 8th grade. FAILING ... was missing a test grade. got a 100. highest grade in class now. Mr Fang ignores manwhore Someone else quotes manwhore Mr Fang replies to manwhore LOGIC.
  20. ZacharyB

    Jad 4 - Merch 0, Panic Sharks, Lot Of 90s And Other Stories

    :') In truth I was right outside the G.E shortcut when you said you were in Zanaris...so I figured you would beat me there. :P
  21. ZacharyB


    ITT people that think they're smart circlejerk.
  22. ZacharyB


    Power went out on Saturday due to a a freak October snow storm. It came back yesterday, but didn't have internet until today. I've missed you all.
  23. Hi welcome to the second round of my fun new game :o How to play: Each staff member is going to have X amount of points. In your post you will hurt one staff member and heal another member. This will take away a point and give them a point, respectively. For example: Hurt heb0 Heal Salmoneus Heb0 4 Salmoneus 6 Remember to repost the entire scoreboard after you hurt/heal!!! 1) You may only post once every 10 posts or once every two hours 2) Every staff member will have five health at start 3) Once we reach the last 5 staff members they can only be healed up to 25 health 4) if you see an error in the score please fix it!! (The only major change in the rules is that the health cap is now 25 and takes effect at the final 5) NOTE: At the moment there are three spots open for retired mod nominations. Nominate a retired mod please, because we need at least one more! Also, all nominations must have at least three supports from other members. If we get more than one nomination, then we shall have a vote. HOWEVER, all of this must be done before the first staff member is eliminated! If a staff member is eliminated before we get the voting done, I will get rid of the open retired mod spots. STAFF MEMBERS Salmoneus <5> Donovan <5> Neo Avatars <5> Xaria <5> heb0 <5> Morte <5> Razorlike <5> Samsara <5> Yuanrang <5> Adam? <5> Borghilde <5> Desireful <5> Doddsy <5> Finway <5> Micael Fatia <5> Phoenix Rider <5> redmonke <5> Syren <5> UnoriginallyChris <5> Arianna <5> Chef Ramsay <5> Common Sense <5> Doom <5> Egghebrecht <5> Goggie <5> lilshu <5> man <5> manwhore <5> KO list 1) Yuanrang 2) Xaria ;) 3) Razorlike ^_^ 4) Morte :o I will make the first attack (in spoiler)
  24. ZacharyB

    Game Of Thrones

    Brace yourself as well. :)

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