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  1. King Of Pking

    First Word That Comes To Mind!

  2. The zombie slaves revolt and the zombie slaves kill coo and the phat is somewhere around the ground where zombie slaves are rampaging.
  3. King Of Pking

    First Word That Comes To Mind!

  4. -5/10 because your avy is creeping me out 7/10
  5. *World bursts into oblivion and all phats go bye bye
  6. King Of Pking

    Dude Where's My ____________

    Spongebob took it since he wanted to fly in one episode Dude, where's my sister?
  7. King Of Pking

    Count Down From 1,000,000

    996,157 Woah, we still have a lot to go!
  8. King Of Pking

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

    Kryptonite-three doors down
  9. King Of Pking

    It's Getting Oh So Very Hot...!

    Congratz on 80 firemaking! Just 19 levels to go and you'll be master! Now, you're wondering what to do, what to do. I suggest you just burn yews or magics, if you want to.

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